Tuesday, October 5, 2010

░ Update: Faux Lashes and Wigs ░

I've been meaning to get hold of these kinds of lashes for my tutorials and I have finally found them today! I went searching through Google and it directed me to this page http://www.mydivascloset.com
Click on the link to see the other products they carry.
I think these kinds would very much increase the creativity of tutorials, especially costume-wise. 

Not only do they offer these gorgeous lashes but they also offer wigs! There's no doubt that we've all seen Michelle Phan use variety of wigs in her tutorials. And they very much made her tutorials more creative than they already are. Remember the Tim Burton Look she did with that little curly afro 'do? Amazing.

Not only can you create cute looks, but also extreme ones! Like these ones below. You can always mimic the   'do of villains and such in fairy tales. Have hair as high as the ones people wore back in the 18th century. 

These things are definitely helpful for all the tutorial makers out there. 
They do ship internationally, but I don't know if Philippines is included in the list of international shipping they do. I most certainly hope it is! Anyway, I'll be back with more! 
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  1. those are nice for parties :) i love it

  2. I know! I just wish they'd ship in the Philippines. ☺

  3. those are very nice..wish they'd ship here or someone can resell them here in the phils..love ur tutorials btw :) you might want to check out julieg713 she does amazing tutorials too..love her and michelle phan :)

  4. Sweetserendipity, thank you so much for watching them! ☺ And for the suggestion, too! Thanks! ☺