Saturday, October 23, 2010

░ Product Review: The Brush Guard ░

When I went to the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar last October 15, I purchased a variety pack of The Brush Guard from DollFace Cosmetics (together with the Dollface 12-Piece Brush Set in Pink)
The variety pack cost me P225.00Contains 6 Brush Guards
1 for eyeliner/shadow, 2 for blush, 2 for foundation, and 1 for powder/kabuki brush. 
Unfortunately I lost one of the blush brush guards...I think my dog ate it, 
so I guess I have to order online this time. I've been using them since the day I got them. 
They're super duper amazing and convenient to use! 
You just have to find the perfect fit for each of your brush. 

••Don't force the insertion if it won't fit because you might end up ruining The Brush Guard.••
The short clip above will show me (my hands, in particular) inserting the brushes in The Brush Guard, getting them off and how I dry them in a cup. Really easy, but I just wanted to share! This might be helpful to people out there! 
Just to answer this simple question, "Will I repurchase?"
Well, definitely! I need more Brush Guards! 
Never thought they'd be this amazing.

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