Tuesday, October 12, 2010

░ Wishlist/Shopping List: Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar ░

I know I need to do a little explaining! Filming for Halloween looks needed to be pushed back a bit since I've got so much going on right now. I assure you I'll be filming next week as early as Monday. I've got the Marilyn Manson Look up first (with the red flames on the forehead). I already bought the necessary tools needed to achieve the look.
I recently went on a little makeup shopping. My drafted blog entry is ready to be published but I think I should just compile it together with the purchases that I'll be making at the bazaar this coming weekend! So as to ramble on the products in just one go. 
The Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar will be held from the 15th-17th of October, and as we all know, Dollface Cosmetics will be participating! Now, it took me quite a while to figure out what to buy. They carry so much stuff, and I needed much time for contemplation. After about 4 days of careful thinking, I finally decided to buy the 12-piece Brush Set in Pink and the Variety Pack Brush Guard
If you've been a follower of my blog for quite some time now, you may have seen this pink brush set included in my wish list. It's the perfect time to get it! 
Since I'll be investing so much on such a good set of brushes, I might as well buy something which will protect them, in terms of maintaining their shape and drying. So together with this brush set, I'll be purchasing the Brush Guard. I opted for the variety pack since for just 225PHP, you get to have 1 brush guard for shadow/liner (extra small), 2 brush guards for blush (small), 2 brush guards for foundation (medium) and 1 brush guard for powder/kabuki (large). Pretty great for just 225PHP, right?
Also, if you make a single purchase amounting to 900PHP, you get to have a 5% discount from Dollface! This discount is valid for online and bazaar purchases, applicable to brushes, palettes, and gel liners only. Discount period available until December 31, 2010. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TAG YOURSELF IN ONLY ONE OF THESE PHOTOS:

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