Sunday, October 3, 2010

░ Beauty Tutorial: Red Carpet Look ░

Hey loves! I've created an original look yesterday after failing to do the eyes in my supposed to be Anime Eyes Tutorial. I am still going to practice a little more and hopefully get the eyes correctly on my second try and be able to upload the tutorial. For the meantime, here's the look I made highlighting soft, smokey cat eyes and bold/plain lips. In this video, I was able to show myself using the Fanny Serrano brush, and the two Ever Bilena lip colors I purchased this past week. I hope using them in this tutorial will help people out there who needs actual demos on how they are used to influence their decision making.
I opted to go for the bolder look first, using Ever Bilena's Matte Lipstick in Storm. The second look with Ever Bilena's Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink is for people out there who don't like too much intensity on the color of their lips. So basically you can wear either of the two, whichever your heart desires.
Now focusing on the eyes, I used my palettes from DollFace, the 88 Earth Tone Palette and the 96 Color Palette. The colors from both palettes are really perfect to mix and match. I wanted an ethereal feel to be accentuated on my eyes, hence creating a smokey outline first using a mix of grey and dark plum color, and later on filling the blank portion with light blue color. I lined my eyes using Fanny Serrano's #7 Eyeliner Brush and the shimmery black shade from my MAC Quad. Lining the eyes with eyeshadow is truly a trick I love. Less messier than any other liner. It's my favorite next to gel liner.

We don't need an obvious color to show up on our cheeks since the eyes and the lips are fine of their own. A hint of color would do just fine, just don't overdo it.
I am hoping that this tutorial will be helpful to people out there! Especially those who have asked me about the Fanny Serrano eyeliner brush and the lipsticks.
I used Ray Mak's Piano Music "Somewhere in Brooklyn by Bruno Mars". He is definitely talented. Check him out here:
Here's the tutorial! Video quality will improve soon. ☺


  1. most of your pictures has great looking backgrounds but i don't understand why your videos background has cheap lookings?

  2. The photos posted here are taken at the same area as to where I filmed the video.

  3. [most of your pictures has great looking backgrounds but i don't understand why your videos background has cheap lookings?]

    Stupid comment.

  4. red carpet look is so adorable. :)

  5. Thank you Nadine! I really appreciate it! ☺

  6. pink look is better :)