Tuesday, October 19, 2010

░ Beauty Tutorial: Marilyn Manson Halloween Look ░

I am back with my Marilyn Manson Look! This look was mainly requested by my boyfriend, Paulo. You can watch the video beforehand, and just read this entry to clarify some of your possible questions. Now moving on to the steps on how I achieved this look...
In the photo, Marilyn had no visible brows. So I had to incorporate Petrilude's Eyebrow Erasing Method before doing anything else. I must admit I had a difficult time concealing my brows. I didn't even do any practice before doing it while the camera's rolling. Nonetheless, I think I did okay. Not the best, but good enough. So basically I followed the glue and foundation trick. I packed on layers of Elmer's Glue, then a layer of foundations, then more glue, and then more foundation... If you watched the video, my eyebrows weren't completely erased. I'll try to practice more and hopefully get it the next time I do this method. 

You might ask me, why Maybelline's B.B Cream? Well, I did not have any face paints available at home and I couldn't possibly buy any because of the weather here in Manila. All I had were face crayons and I thought it would be totally preposterous to color my whole face with the crayon! So I had to use Maybelline's B.B Cream which is actually much lighter than my skin tone. It also helped with the concealing of the brows even more. I covered my whole face with the B.B Cream using Marionnaud's Foundation Brush.

After covering my face with B.B Cream, I set it all in with Nichido's Loose Powder in So Natural. I used my lovely powder brush from DollFace Cosmetics' 12-Piece Brush Set in Pink (which I recently bought from the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar that was held at Rockwell last Friday).

Eyes were next. I used my trusty unbranded eyeshadow brush together with the blackest shade found in Dollface Cosmetics' 88 Earth Tone Palette (the one circled in red in the photo below) to kind of create an outline around my eyes. Marilyn had dark rimmed eyes and I wanted to exaggerate a bit. 
And then using Maybelline's EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black, together with my DollFace Eyeliner Brush, I lined my lower lashline thicker than I usually do. Don't be afraid to exaggerate! 
After lining the eyes, take the black eyeshadow from DollFace Cosmetics' 88 Earth Tone Palette again, and create a contour along the nose bridge and inner corners of the eyes, working your way up to the brows. Blend away the edges to create more depth and dimension to the eyes.
Now it's time to draw in the fire lines! I used my DollFace 96 Color Palette in this step. You can find a red shade on the palette as seen in the photo below. I used my DollFace Eyeliner Brush again for this step. Use the photo as a reference for easier drawing. I went a bit longer with the lines compared to the original photo.
Now to intensify the colors of the fire lines, use the reddest lipstick you have, and swatch it over and over again at the back of your hand. Now using your eyeliner brush, pick up the color and draw on the lines again. You will see how this will intensify the color of the fire lines.

NOTE: You can always use face paint. In my case, since I don't have any paint available, I am showing you the ways of achieving the same look with just using makeup.
After drawing in the fire lines, you take the red eyeshadow again, and create a contour along the inner corners of the eyes and the nose bridge, going slightly but not fully up to the brows.
In the photo, Marilyn have this kind of black contour on his left cheek. I made a booboo and did this step on the right side of my cheek. You can always skip this part if you want to. But if you do it, be sure to blend well.
Last step would be the lips. Earlier, you'll be able to notice in the video that I covered my lips as well with the B.B Cream and the White Face Crayon. That was one move I wish I didn't take. It did not intensify the color of the lips, at all. I was using a red lipstick and it came out PINK! So that's a lesson learned... Anyway, after applying red lip color, I went ahead and outlined my lips with a black gel liner. 

I looked totally scary after filming...
I hope you enjoyed this look for Halloween! 
Please stay tuned for upcoming looks I'll be filming soon! 
Watch the tutorial here:
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  1. i think you forgot the contouring, because your cheeks still show obviously. but good job with the eye and effects. :)

  2. Hi Anna! I did not forget.
    (see:above) "In the photo, Marilyn have this kind of black contour on his left cheek. I made a booboo and did this step on the right side of my cheek. You can always skip this part if you want to. But if you do it, be sure to blend well."
    There weren't any other obvious contouring except for his left cheek. As you can see if you watch my video, I did the contouring on the right side of my cheek so you can't see it in any of the photos I posted here. Anyway, thank you for appreciating this!!! ☺

  3. oh yes, my bad, i saw the whole vid and you got me curious with the brow bleaching. :)) i want to try it! hehe:)

  4. Oh I didn't bleach my brows! Haha I just used Petrilude's brow concealing method. You can watch that here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb3D-afzKEc&p=1D0DC0755DBC0390&playnext=1&index=21 Hope this helps! ☺

  5. hi say! nice vid! good job, and yes it indeed looked scary hehehe. anyway, i tagged you on this post: http://joice.isgreat.org/2010/10/updated-make-up-collection-whats-in-my-pouch/

    i'd love to see your collection! and what's in your kikay pouch:)

    will be looking forward for more halloween looks!

  6. Hi Joicey! Thanks! I'm glad this look scared you. Alright, I'll check on that one. :)