Thursday, October 28, 2010

░ Beaauty Tutorial: Twiggy with a Hint of Audrey Hepburn Inspired Look ░

I am back with another look which I filmed today, inspired by two of the most classic women in history. Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn. If you look at these photos closely, I tried to incorporate both. 

For the foundation base I used Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation in True Beige and buffed Maybelline Shine Free Face Powder in Honey over it to set it in using my Dollface Powder Brush

For the brows, I used my Nichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit and mixed the Black 01 and the Coffee together to get the desired color. I basically went for natural looking brows with defined arches. 

Moving on to the eyes, I applied Shroom by MAC all over the lids up to the brow bone. This will serve as a base.

I selected a medium brown color from my Dollface 88 Earth Tone Palette and used that to create a light shadow on my crease, this will be of help to the next steps we are going to do. (If you find the shade of brown that I used in the video too light, you may opt to use a darker shade of brown. 
I filled in my lids (particularly the area below the crease) with a golden pearl shade from my Dollface 88 Earth Tone Palette.
Using my Fanny Serrano #7 Eyeliner Brush and the matte black eyeshadow from my Dollface 88 Earth Tone Palette, I lined my crease, creating a wing towards the end. (see photo above: last line of eyeshadow, third from the left)
Taking my Nichido Liquid Liner, I drew over the lines I first drawn with the black eyeshadow. The photo of Audrey Hepburn is the inspiration behind this. (see: below)
After that I curled my lashes using Nichido's Lash Curler, applied faux lashes (from Etude House, "Secret Long") on the upper lash line. I know I should've applied lashes on the lower lash line as well, but I wanted to give the option of using a volumizing mascara instead and still get the same effect, [if not exact, close]
So I defined my lashes using Maybelline's Volum'Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes Mascara.
After that I added a bit of color on my cheeks and used Nichido's Cheek Mousse in Plum Brulee. I absolutely love this color! 

I lined my lips with Nichido Lip Pencil in LP04 Rosette and finished off with Ever Bilena's Matte Lipstick in Mauvey.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Stay tuned for more...
Now for the photo roll...

You can watch the video here:


  1. Yung twiggy yung eyeliner na nakadrawing.... hindi yan twiggy... :(

  2. Watch ANTM season 5... Andun si twiggy

  3. Hi there anonymous. I am well aware that Twiggy is on ANTM. And it's AUDREY HEPBURN that you're referring to (the one with eyeliner on the crease), didn't you read the entry at all? I hope you read my blog before saying anything. I have explained everything in here and I don't need to explain anything to you any further. God bless you.

  4. @Anonymous: And do you really think Twiggy still wears the same look she wore in the 1960's? Why are you telling me to watch ANTM? She's way older now, don't you know that?

  5. i am seriously enjoying your recent tutorials. they're very easy to do but very sosyal and classy. :) vintage look is definitely timeless:)

    way to go Say, never mind those anonymous cowards.

  6. Thank you Joice! I am so thankful for people like you. ♥

  7. i love it :) i agree with joice about sosyal and classy.

  8. Thank you Nadine. You girls are so kind. :) ♥

  9. hi Say,
    can you do some swatche of the items you bought? I'd appreciate it.

  10. hi say,
    can you do some swatches?

  11. Hi Stella! I'll do swatches of them tonight and upload tomorrow. :)

  12. It looks nothing like either of them:/
    It just looks annoying.
    I liked your old stuff.
    Now you're just rubbish.

  13. Wow! Thank you for such a wonderful New Year's greeting! You are very much welcome to navigate away from my page! God bless you!