Friday, October 22, 2010

░ Product Review: The Body Shop Roseflower Blush 02 Swatch ░

Here's another product I'm going to put under the microscope! I'm sure you all remember the blush I raved about just a few days ago-The Body Shop's RoseFlower Blush 02.
I bought this from The Body Shop, Mall of Asia Branch. Price is 358.50Php. I wasn't really in need of any new blushes during that time but this one caught my eye and I just had to try it out. 
On the very first application I was blown away... This blush will give you a natural, dewy flush! Absolutely perfect for everyday. The first thing I've noticed upon application is that glitter/shimmer flew all over the place! This product is not for people who dislikes shimmery stuff. I'm perfectly fine with it, so it's a go for me. If you haven't seen the photo I took to prove that it gives a dewy finish, here it is...
This photo was not in any way edited. You can easily see the dewiness it gave to my cheeks. 
Also, you will be amazed because this blush actually smells like real roses! I'm not even joking. I used this blush during my Beautiful Fairy Look Tutorial. If you haven't watched that, you can click on the link and see for yourself! 
Here's a short clip of me swatching this product for you! Just hit the play button.
I hope this was helpful to people out there who are planning on buying the same blush from The Body Shop!
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