Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Makeup Brands in the Philippines 3/5 “Flormar”

I have revealed 2 new brands already and we’re down to 3 brands!

Read about the first two brands here: Deborah Milano & Essence Cosmetics

Next we have Flormar! I am truly excited for this brand since I’ve already tried a couple of their products and I love them. (i.e. blush and bronzer duo)

“Established in Milan, Italy. Flormar has contributed to the beauty of women for over four decades. Recognized as one of the favorite cosmetics brands in Europe.”

Here are some of the products they have in store for you!


Perfect Coverage Foundation Php 399.00
With its soft and rich texture keeps the same freshness for 12 hours, covers skin flaws perfectly, gives a smooth look, and helps the skin to look healthy.

terracotta powder 32,75tl (9)


Diamonds Terracotta Eyeshadow Php 499.00
Covering the skin perfectly it provides a live and healthy look with its soft and velvety texture, creates shiny, bright and silky results with natural ingredients, protects the moisture balance of the skin with special ingredients, nourishes the skin, calms, protects against the external factors.


Spider Lash Mascara Php 399.00
A creamy volume mascara that covers the lashes with a comfortable film. Intensifies the lashes volume, separating and defining them perfectly. Volume; Presence of special polymers, Natural waxes and vegetable waxes provides a volume effect and lenghthening. Lashes will appear thick, full, perfectly volumised by Flormar Spider Lash Volume Mascara. 3 in 1;Immediate effect, easy and soft texture permits lengthened, seperated and defined lashes by Flormar Spider Lash 3 in 1 Mascara. A single application makes the lashes thick, full and perfectly separated with no clumps.
pretty 9,00tl (1)

Pretty Lipstick Php 299.00
It covers the lips perfectly with its rich, creamy and moisturizing structure. Softens the lips with its nourishing properties and gives them a shiny look.

Flormar is available at SM Aura, SM Megamall and other major malls in the country


  1. Hi Ms. Say Mat touch foundation is also perfect for oily skin been using it for a week and it works wonderful :) thanks for the review

  2. Do you have a review on that foundation? :)

  3. how can i order flormar cosmetics? im in Mindanao

  4. i want to buy/order flormar Mat foundation, Flormar lipstick, Flormar Lipgloss and flormar pressed powder
    pls help me how to buy/order.. thanks

    1. Hello there, I am Hannah. I am living in Turkey. Flormar is a Turkish brand founded in Milan, Italy. I will be visiting my family there in Mindanao so if you want I can bring you some Flormar cosmetics straight from here.

  5. here is my email adress, pls email me.