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Cleopatra’s BEAUTY SECRET Now in The Philippines!

Would you ever try Cleopatra’s beauty secret? Read on to find out more about it!


“Said to be the oldest soap in the world, Aleppo soap is made by in a centuries-old traditional method in Aleppo, Syria. Composed of only 2 main ingredients: olive oil and bay laurel oil (from bay leaves and berries).

Aleppo soap nourishes and hydrates your face and body thanks to its combination of nourishing olive oil and rejuvenating bay laurel oil. Gently cleanses even the most sensitive skin. Helps heal skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

Can be used as a shampoo bar to remove buildup of shampoo or styling products .12 different kinds of Aleppo soap available.”

Cleopatra's beauty secret, now in Manila and only available at CarmenClaire.

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Thanks to Carmen, I have 3 soaps to try out and review for everyone! Let me give you a little information about each soap.

Aleppo soap - 12% - 200g Large bar (P395) FOR ALL SKIN TYPES

Each 200g bar lasts about 2 months or more, depending on usage. Travel-friendly because it can be used on the face, body and hair.

TIP: The higher the percentage of Bay Laurel Oil, the better it is for sensitive or problem skin.

Traditional Aleppo Soap in 200g Large bars, P395 each:
12% laurel oil - all skin types
24% laurel oil - sensitive skin
30% laurel oil - very sensitive/problem skin
40% laurel oil - severe problem skin

This soap is so huge that it would last you a long time! I suggest using a loofah or a bath sponge with it! It smells absolutely amaaaaazing—I tell you. The first time I tried using this soap, my skin felt really soft and felt so clean! Thanks to its two main ingredients, my usually dry skin (on the body) was given the hydration it needs. I also tried using this on my hair (yes, my hair!) It’s perfect to use on people with really thin hair because it gives volume and body! Now that’s something you’d want to try!

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Scented Aleppo Soap with Amber and Oud (150g bar) P395

“Oud (like food without the 'f' ) is one of the rarest and most expensive fragrance oils in the world, known for it's very unique scent. It's used in many perfumes! The intoxicating woody aroma complements the natural sweetness of the amber. This one is great for hanging in the shower or even in your cabinet! It has the standard 12% Bay Laurel Oil. Only P395 and it lasts a very long time.”

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If the traditional Aleppo soap smells amazing, this smells even more amazing! Given the description, it has the rarest and most expensive fragrance in the world “oud”! Using this in the shower would totally save you bottles of perfume as it will give your whole body that wonderful smell! I like that this has a rope thingy so that you hang it in the shower to dry after use!

Aleppo Soap with Rhassoul and Argan Oil (100g bar) P215

“Perfect for revitalizing tired skin. Rhassoul is a Moroccan Lava Clay, used for its cleansing effect on oily skin. It removes impurities and tightens the pores. Of course, Argan Oil is one of the hottest products right now, known as "liquid gold for the skin". This leaves skin firm, smooth and radiant. This also has 12% Bay Laurel Oil and is only P215.”

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This goes out for all my girls out there with oily skin type! You may want to give this a try! Not only that this tightens the pores and cleanses the skin, it also has ARGAN OIL!!! If you’re updated with the latest on skin care, ARGAN OIL is one of the most talked about!

I will be updating you more about these soaps in the next few weeks!

Which of these would you like to try out?

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  1. galing! got my bb cream and shine patrol early the effect on my face..found carmenclaire cosmetics from ur reviews... ur vlogs really helped me on choosing and purchasing products that are worth to buy.. thanks! again, another soap to try for na naman, kaso mdyo may kamahalan hehe..