Sunday, July 14, 2013

Carry All Palette by Props Tools & Cosmetics


If you are a woman on the go, its important to have a makeup palette that would allow you to transform your day time to nighttime makeup and even transform the colors you’re wearing on your face! With Props Tools and Cosmetics’ Carry All Palette, you can easily select the palette [of color coordinated shades] of your choice and head out in a jiffy! Each palette has 10 coordinated eye shadows suitable for day time and nighttime makeup! It also gives you 2 choices of lip colors and a blush shade!



Never sacrifice beauty even when on the go. With the new Carryall palette, you just SNAP a grid palette to the handy section and SLIP it right into your purse for ultimate convenience! The entire palette set is enclosed in a sleek 9.5 x 7 in. palette. The handy SNAP-SLIP palette is only 6.5 x 1.5 inches, has a mirror and can fit one of 6 different grid palettes. Each grid palette contains 10 eye shadows in satin and semi-shimmer finish (0.5 in. square), 2 wearable lipsticks (1.75 in. strip) and a blush pan (1.25in diameter) to match your look and your mood! Perfect for newbies, rookies and pros on the go!


It comes with one hard case wherein you can snap in your desired palette and place it inside your bag easily!


The palette looks like this when snapped in the case:


Here are more of the palettes you can choose from!


The shades are not too shabby as well! Just one swipe, and I got this color pay-off!


Like what you see? Get your own Carry All Palette from Props for only PHP970.00!

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  1. Wow another cheap palette!! will definitely check this out!