Sunday, November 10, 2013

1-on-1 Makeup Session with Clarizza, AJ and Mitch

I am excited and very glad to announce that all my workshop packages include a FREE 13pc Brush Set from our new sponsor Beauty Cosmetics! The new brush set is made out of synthetic bristles, comes with basically ALL the necessary brushes you need, contained in a beautiful aztec-print case, and is travel-sized for convenience!


For workshop bookings, inquiries: send a text to 09156218309/ email

I met three beautiful ladies for the basic makeup one on one workshop yesterday. The first two sessions were held at LSG Studios located at Panay Avenue QC (S&F Condominium) Check out their studio here What I love the most about this studio is the bright white lighting! This studio also has big mirrors for client use. Let me take you to the first session with Clarizza!


She booked a very early schedule (8AM) and enjoyed her meal (included in the workshop package) before starting our session. Makeup set up included all the products Clarizza will be needing for the course. Different shades of foundations, palettes, powders, lip colors, glosses, and a lot more!

Just like in any workshop I hold, I told Chalet to feel at home and not hesitate to ask anything! The last thing I want is my students to feel intimidated. We just went on with the 2-hours of teaching, tackling her special needs when it comes to skin care and makeup.


Here is Clarizza’s bare face, daytime look and night time look:

clarizza transfor

Great job, Chalet!!! :)

Next session is with AJ! I met AJ years ago at a nail salon launch—it was truly nice to see her again!


The primary thing AJ sought advice for is how to enhance makeup tattoos. Through time, we all know that tattoos fade—and that includes cosmetic ones! AJ never used foundation before and was lucky enough to find her exact shade from one of the foundations included in our set up! :)


Here is AJ’s bare face, day time look and night time look.

AJ transfor

The last session was held at Glambox Beauty Studio located in Makati City! Meet my last client for the day—Mitch!

Mitch had the privilege to use Glambox’s VanityBasics lighted mirror for the session. The new brush set package came just in time for the afternoon session hence, Mitch got the very first set! (Shipment delay due to storm)


We have the same set up as the first two sessions:


For someone with totally no background with makeup, Mitch did an awesome job!

mitch transformation

Thank you so much for signing up, ladies!

I am excited for the next sessions.

To sign up, text 09156218309.


  1. Hi Say! You did a great job! You must be a very good teacher.

  2. Wow, you've gone a long way since I first watched you on YT! Well, I hope to sign up in one of your sessions soon. I kind of slacked with my makeup skills and it would be nice to finally learn from you too :)