Sunday, November 21, 2010

░ Remedies: Broken Palettes/Eyeshadows/Bronzers ░

I dropped my Dollface 96 Color Palette two times this week, causing the pans to come off the palette and the eyeshadows to crack. I expected to see eyeshadow massacre upon opening the palette after the fall, and I did. Ever had the same dilemma? The remedy is easy as 1, 2, 3.
All you're going to need:
  • Paper towel 
  • Super glue
  • Clean cloth 

Lay down the paper towel on the table and turn the palette down, the cracked eyeshadows will then fall off and so will the pans. Tap off the excess powders and then wipe the palette with a clean cloth. Now seeing the empty spaces, place a drop of super glue on each space and glue the pans with intact eyeshadows back on. Press firmly and this will usually stick within seconds if you're using super glue. Now you're back on track with your palette!

Now let's move on to broken eyeshadow (single palette) and bronzers. I dropped my Elianto Baked Eyeshadow Duo in 04 Gold a few weeks back. The shape of this eyeshadow is convex (bulging outward). I was so disappointed to see it shattered in pieces. Same holds true with my E.l.f. Healthy Glow Bronzer, it cracked into pieces because I dropped it again. *Take note that I did not drop all these things at the same time.* What I did was scrape off the excess from both containers and mix them together. Since the Elianto Eyeshadow has a shimmery highlight shade, it would create a hint of shimmer when mixed together with the other color in the duo eyeshadow and the bronzer as well. So just mix the two products together until you get the consistency as you would in loose powder. Now you can use this as a regular loose bronzer! Remember to tap off the excess! *By the way, I used Etude House Lashes' packaging as the container for this process.*

Remember, you can always make new things out of broken things! Don't head straight to the trash bin. I hope I was able to help you girls!


  1. i experienced the same thing with my dollface 88 color palette and did exactly the same thing:))

    ELF products seem to break easily. i've had several broken ELF things:( what i did was spritz some alcohol in them and then pressed it back in the pan. it works:) but not all the time. hahaha

  2. I always drop my make up to. hehe. what I do sometimes I mixed the broken product with ethyl alcohol and pressed it on the container. It works for me because I love the scent of alcohol LOL :))

  3. Hey Joice! I just hate it when my makeup crack. :( Haha! Thanks for that suggestion!

    Hi fallen_angel! Thank you for suggesting that! You have the same thought as Joice! I never knew about that method. Thanks to you girls, I now know. :)