Sunday, November 21, 2010

░ Update: Loading my Samsonite Train Case with Makeup ░

As most of you may already know, my mom gave me a Vintage Samsonite Traincase yesterday. Today I wanted to test it and see how much makeup it would be able to hold. I re-sanitized the traincase before putting in all my makeup because I was in one of my extra-OC moods while doing it. So starting with the first layer, you will see five divisions of the spaces. In the first square space, I put all my lipsticks in. At the moment I have 11 lipsticks (including lip balm), I was able to pile up two layers of lipsticks in the space--really roomy! On the middle square, I put in all my blushes, primer, and stick foundation. I also added in my cream eyeshadow. On the third square, I put in all eye products namely mascaras, lash curlers, liquid liners and eye pencils. In the narrow rectangular space, I have placed in my lip liners, my Beauty Treats lipstick+lipgloss which is quite long, plus my petroleum jelly and my gel eyeliner. On the smallest space, I put it my lash pads, lash glues, and eye/lip pencil sharpener. 

On the lower layer of the traincase, there are available pockets in each side! On the rear side, I put in all my E.l.f. brushes (which I rarely use anymore), on the two side pockets, I put in eyeshadow quads/small square palettes, and on the front pocket I inserted my foundations and my bronzer. On the space inside, I placed my loose powders, pressed powders, my two palettes, my brushes (in the brushroll), my kabuki brush, and my eyebrow duo liner kit.
I was able to fit in all my makeup in this spacious heaven! I am so satisfied with this traincase. I'm going to film a video about it tomorrow, I hope you guys stay tuned for that one. 



  1. i love your traincase. i'm so inggit:))) by the way, what's that powder blush beside your MAC? i kind of liked its color:)

  2. Hi Joice! That's "Tomato" by Nichido. Thank you! :)

  3. Pretty say. Where did you bought ur faux eyelash glue? :) Thanks!

  4. Hi Tisha dear. I bought it from Beauty Bar, Mall of Asia.