Friday, November 26, 2010

░ Workout: Day 3 of My Pre-Holiday Workout Challenge ░

Just a little recap, I did my workout every other day this week starting on Monday, then Wednesday, and then Friday. For the first day I performed the 550 Reps Workout, the 600 Killer Reps for the second one, and for today, the third one, the Hot to Trot Workout. This is one of the older workout routines from Looks mighty easy, but you'll get a good sweat out of it. 
There are two parts of this exercise. You'll need an interval timer/stop watch. 
Part I:
Elbow Planks (hold for 10 seconds, really keep your abs tight)
Reptile (make your knee touch your elbow from side to side (R-R, L-L) do this for 30 seconds; count the number of reps you were able to finish in 30 seconds)
Elbow Planks (hold for 10 seconds, remember to proceed to this move immediately after the last exercise for maximum benefits)
Mountain Climber (switch your feet from front to back as if climbing a mountain; jump as you switch; do this move for 30 seconds and count the reps you were able to finish)
Elbow Planks (hold for 10 more seconds)
Knee Tucks (make your knee touch the opposite elbow, this will tighten the abs and strengthen the core; do this for 30 seconds, switching legs; count the reps you were able to finish)
Part II:
25 reps of Monkey Push-Up and Jump (push hard, this is going to make you drip with sweat!)
25 reps of Squat and Twist Jump (you will be doing full squats here so expect a tighter tush and leaner thighs after 3 weeks! Push hard, girls. You can do it!)
My Scores for Part One--Round One: 28, 29, 30 * Round Two: 31, 27, 26
So basically you do this routine twice. I was dripping sweat when I finished. Again, nothing beats the invigorating feeling of an after-workout shower.
P.S. Weigh in on Sunday! Stay tuned to know how much I've lost this week.
I hope you did your workout today, girls!
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Stay healthy and beautiful!


  1. hi say! good luck on your pre holiday work out:) i am also now following Zuzana!:)