Monday, November 22, 2010

░ Workout: Day 1 of My Pre-Holiday Workout Challenge ░

 I am back to do a report on how my workout went today. For everyone's information, today marked Day 1 of my Pre-Holiday Workout Challenge. I know I started quite later than the actual date I planned to start. I got my period the day I was supposed to begin my challenge, so I wasn't able to do strenuous workouts due to unbelievably woman-pain. (And I know you know what I mean.)
Today, upon returning home from school, I started my workout. I set a stopwatch timer online before working out. You can find online timers here. You can also download from this site. I downloaded the bomb timer and the original countdown timer. They will show a variety of timers to choose from. Take your pick!
Then I went to for some guidelines. It's not the first time I'm performing this workout, but I don't memorize the exercises. This is one of my least favorite routines, nevertheless, I went on with it. I played the 550 Fat Massacre Workout onscreen while I do my own thing. I made sure  I had the proper form for each exercise. In the next paragraphs, I will explain how I performed each exercise.
*Before starting your workout, click on the start button on your timer and click stop once you finish. This is not under time pressure, but we are aiming to finish the routine as fast as we can, considering the proper form for each exercise to get the maximum benefits.*
-All exercises from this workout are from
1. Backward Lunge Kick Up- this may seem like the easiest one among the 11 exercises, but don't be fooled. You'll have to lunge back as low as you can and kick up as high. Exert maximum effort. Do 25 repetitions per leg. One lunge back+One kick up= 1 rep.
2.Walk Over Push-up- Since I have lost my arm-strength by about 40%, I opted to do the push-ups on my knees and walk doggy-style sidewards twice, and do a push-up again. You have to complete 50 push-ups. Get ready to feel the pain!
3. Mountain Climber- jump as you "climb". By far the easiest one in the bunch. Do 50 reps.
4. Sumo Squats Knee-Up- this will tone the thighs because of the squats and the midsection because of the knee-ups that will be "tucked in" every time you do knee-ups. Do 50 reps.
5. One Leg Bridge Leg Lift- keep the proper form. Pause for a few seconds to quickly recharge and move on. Complete 25 reps for each leg.
6. Side to Side Squat and Leg Lift- Do 50 reps of this workout. Again, you are working on your thighs and mid-section in this exercise.
7. One Arm Tricep Push-up- this is a challenging workout. Check the site for the proper form. Keep pushing and keep going. Don't give up. 25 reps for each side.
8. Star Crunch- your ab-muscles will surely get toned with this exercise. Keep pushing! Don't stop when you can still go on. 50 reps for this exercise.
9. Diagonal Touch Down- the squats will work your legs every time you touch down, and when you stretch upward diagonally, you'll be working on your midsection. Do 25 reps on each side.
10. Side Plank Lift- you may find it difficult to do this exercise at first, but once you go on and practice on the form more and more, you'll get the hang of it. Do 25 lifts for each side.
11. One Leg Wall Sit- this is the last exercise, so you better push hard! Do 25 reps on each leg.

If you find it hard to follow instructions by words, watch this video!
Keeping a healthy mind and body,


  1. LIKE LIKE! I will really watch out for the next exercise you'll be doing :bd :)

  2. Hi Apol. I'll be doing another workout today. I hope you don't find them too difficult. You can always modify if you want. :) Thank you for staying tuned.