Wednesday, November 24, 2010

░ Update: DOLLFACE Train-case/Bazaar/No to Fake! ░

Photo taken from Dollface Cosmetics' Fan Page in Facebook
I opened my laptop today (which was in "Sleep" mode) and got very surprised when I saw Pearl Sarcauga's (Dollface Cosmetics' sole proprietor and a good friend of mine) post about their very first makeup train-case! I was really surprised! I am so thrilled to be a Dollface girl! Price is not yet available. Stay tuned by liking Dollface Cosmetics' fanpage in Facebook here.
Anyway I just wanted to blog about this to promote the next bazaar that Dollface Cosmetics will be participating in. The St. James the Great Christmas Bazaar from November 26 to November 29 at the Cuenca Covered Court Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa from 9AM-9PM. 
The traincase will be available there for sure. I think I might change my mind on not going since it's too far! But this train-case got me really excited.
Photo taken from Dollface Cosmetics' Website
I also wanted to add this: Say No to Fake Makeup Products! And get a 10% discount from Dollface at their coming bazaar! Terms and conditions apply. Please click on the links to know more about them. I personally have never used fake makeup before. I never even thought of buying one. Spending my hard-earned allowance on fake products is not worth it at all. Might as well invest on original ones. Please make a stand against fake makeup products! 
Photo taken from Dollface Cosmetics' Fan Page in Facebook. Hit the Like Button!


  1. i am so excited with the traincase... i need one talaga... sana hindi siya ganon kamahal.. hehe

  2. Hi Donnarence! I'm excited as well! :) I think it will be affordable.