Monday, December 19, 2016


I was sent to Singapore by RTL CBS Entertainment for the 21st Asian TV Awards recently and the timing couldn't be more perfect to review the FLYTPACK. What exactly is the Flytpack?
"FLYTPACK Travel WiFi is a personal wireless modem that connects any WiFi-enabled devices to the internet with a secure network connection. Think of the WiFi you have at home, just smaller, in a pocket size version.
You can connect your laptop, tablet and (or) mobile phone to the internet while you are travelling overseas, anytime, anywhere. It saves you from costly data roaming, WiFi hunting and loads of prepaid SIM card credits.
FLYTPACK Travel WiFi is pre-configured and does not require any complex installation."
I picked up the device at their office [at Level 11 KMC Solutions, SM Aura Office Tower, McKinley Parkway, BGC, Taguig 1634] right before my trip and got the complete kit. Here's what the kit looked like:

I literally did not have to do any complicated installing whatsoever prior to using. Once I landed at Changi Airport, I turned on the Flytpack device, connected it to my phone (passcode will appear on the Flytpack screen) and voila, I am instantly connected!
I vlogged about my experience with the Flytpack from DAY 1 of my SG trip, and I kid you not when I say the internet connection ran smoothly without any problems for the first three days. I totally depended on Google Maps to navigate my way around the city (I was alone) and the Flytpack helped me stay connected and prevented me from getting lost!!! I raved about this device in all the FB live sessions I uploaded on my FB (and even the vlogs).
At the end of day 1, I was really surprised because only 3/4 of the battery was lost! I had the device on for the entire day starting early in the morning, and ending at around past midnight. This device can be used as a powerbank as well, but I had a separate powerbank so I did not have to use it as such--if you do use it as a powerbank, expect that more battery juice will [obviously] be used up!
I had smooth internet connection all day with no slow downs - I kept uploading Instagram photos, tweeting, taking IG stories, etc. And I was able to freely use the Flytpack without worrying if I exceeded the daily cap limit or not. It actually *felt* unlimited to me! They do have the Fair Usage Policy here. So make sure you read up on that! Up to 8 devices can connect to the Flytpack device! Here are the rental prices per country - click me!

One thing you have to note is that there are areas with weak signal causing the Flytpack to not work. This happened to me when I went to Chinatown in Singapore. It took a while for it to finally work (after a lot of walking) I think it was a dead spot where I was.
Overall, I am totally satisfied with the Flytpack and will totally be renting it again for my next out of the country trip soon! I highly recommend it! Enjoy watching the vlogs!
*Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post but rest assured that all thoughts and views are 100% true and honest.* 


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