Saturday, December 28, 2013

What’s the Difference? (Makeup Workshop vs. Makeup Party)

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for the overwhelming wave of bookings for the next batch of Personal Makeup Workshop (Batch 12) as well as the newly launched Beauty Sorority: Makeup Party! We only have a few slots left! To book, send a message to 09156218309.

To avoid confusion, kindly read the differences between the two events! This post will guide you on choosing which is more suitable  for you.

Personal Makeup Workshop – a beauty session/makeup workshop that teaches the basics of :

  1. Skincare
  2. Discussion of the Different Types of Makeup Brushes
  3. How to Take Care of Your Brushes
  4. Foundation (Choosing the Right Kind/Shade and Application)
  5. Concealing Problem Areas
  6. Applying Blush, Bronzer, and Highlight
  7. Daytime to Nightime Makeup Application
  8. All About Eyebrows
  9. Different Ways of Lining the Eyes

Freebies included in the Personal Makeup Workshop:

  • 12-pc brush set from Beauty Cosmetics
  • food and beverage
  • cupcakes from Tessa's cupcakes

Price: PHP1,900.00 (discount rate—for payments settled by Dec. 31, 2013) PHP2,300.00 (regular rate—for payments made from January 1 onwards)

Date and Time: January 11, 2013, 1-4PM

Venue: LSG Studios in Quezon City (map here)


Beauty Sorority: A Makeup Party – a monthly makeup party/get together of makeup enthusiasts that consists of fun activities and games related to beauty, makeovers for all the guests, raffles, free-flowing food and drinks, unlimited photo taking and many more!

Freebies included in the Beauty Sorority: A Makeup Party:

  • a beauty makeover done by yours truly
  • makeup consultation
  • 12-pc brush set from Beauty Cosmetics
  • Eyeshadow Palette from Beauty UK (two shades to choose from: NAKED or Day & Night Palette) from CarmenClaire
  • food and drinks
  • cupcakes from Tessa’s Cupcakes
  • a chance to win one of the major prizes from the raffle
  • different beauty loots as prizes from the activities/games
  • beauty Q&A

Price: PHP2,500.00

Date and Time: January 18, 2013, 1-4PM

Venue: LSG Studios in Quezon City (map here)

So you see, the workshop is more of a hands-on teaching of makeup application on students. It will be a sit-down class. This is perfect for beginners!

The makeup party, on the other hand, is an event for all the makeup lovers who want to have fun! No formal teaching about makeup application, but there will be several demonstrations and everyone gets to have a makeover!

There are freebies for both events!

I hope this clears up any confusion! And yes, these are monthly events—the February schedule will be out soon! Be updated instantly by following



  1. Hi there. I'm a new fan. Just want to inform you that you got a tiny bit of info wrong. The date and time for the events are in 2013, not in 2014. ^_^