Monday, December 2, 2013

Batch 10 Personal Makeup Workshop (Hotel Kimberly Manila)


The 10th batch of the Personal Makeup Workshop was held last November 30, 2013 at Hotel Kimberly Manila! It was yet another fun-filled session with another batch of wonderful ladies! The workshop was broken down into 3 time slots/sessions to fit their different schedules.


My first two students were Ivy and Maris! What’s so unique about Ivy is that she has such a cute and tiny face! She shared how tipid she is when it comes to using makeup as she only needs a little to cover up her entire face! Maris, on the other hand, is a beauty who works as a flight attendant! She needed help particularly with doing her eye makeup. Ivy would totally agree with me when I say that Maris has the most perfect eyebrowssss! It was such a fun session with these two girls!


I laid down all of the makeup products for them to try out and use! Different kind and shades of foundations, powders, eyeshadows, primers, blush, bronzer, bb cream, and many more!


Maris and Ivy went home with their free cupcakes from Tessa’s cupcakes and of course their free 13-pc brush set from Beauty Cosmetics!


I spent the next session with another set of wonderful ladies namely Madonna, Andrea and Vergie! It wasn’t only a learning session for us, but a LAUGHING one, too! For some reason, I kept coming up with weird Tag-lish phrases which cracked the girls up! Hehehe! I loved how we hung out like girl friends! That truly is the most fun way of learning easy makeup application!


All the girls went home with smiles on their faces, cupcakes and free brush sets!


The last session I had was with Rodalyn! It was quite timely, as she and daughter were heading out to a concert right after the workshop! I gave Rodalyn tips and tricks on how to achieve an easy makeup look especially mommy-friendly! This woman has the most beautiful skin—it doesn’t look her age at all!!

I really, really had a lot of fun with my 10th batch! I can’t believe we’ve reached 10 batches already! Thank you so much!


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  1. Yey! I had so much fun with the workshop Ms Say!!! thanks so much for the freebies.. I loved them all! :)