Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Top 5 Beauty Essentials I Need (When Going Out of Town)

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The worst thing that could probably happen when you’re going out of town is your bottle of makeup remover spilling/leaking everywhere in your bag. That leaves you with NOTHING to remove your makeup with (considering you did not bring a back up, most probably)

This is why I  would suggest you use makeup remover wipes, instead. They come in packs, and you get more than enough to clean your makeup off! The Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes is perfect for out of town trips (especially places where convenience stores are far away/lack variety of skincare products available) It comes with 25 wipes which is truly more than enough wipes you will need to remove a day’s worth of makeup. I usually use 1-2 wipes and I’m good to go!

Feeling lazy to wash your face? Nothing to worry about! The Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes will remove all traces of makeup—even waterproof mascara! Leaving you with a fresh feeling on the face, and allowing you to sleep right after without worrying waking up with a pimple.

It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin as it says on the pack, but I really think it’s also perfect for people with combo (ME!) oily skin!

Not only does it cleanse, it also tones and hydrates the skin. I love that it doesn’t have an oily residue, too! Alcohol free, so you don’t have to worry about it stinging your eyes or whatnot.

Never leave for  trip without the Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes! Get yours now from Watsons for only P140.00 :)


I will never forget my red lipstick. You’ll never know when you’ll need it! Say, for example, an impromptu date night! Every girl needs a red lipstick—even if it’s all that she has on (and brows, of course), it’ll look perfect and made up!


ALL AROUND MOISTURIZER! I love the Nivea Crème because you can put it anywhere—your face, rough spots, skin…etc! It is what I go for when my skin gets dry because of the weather. You need this baby.


You need your eyebrow kit, girl!!! As I mentioned earlier, even if all you got was your brows and red lipstick on, you’d look perfect! Never forget this stuff, unless you are on a makeup fasting!


Eyelash curler! Even if you forget your mascara, just curling your lashes would totally make a difference with your look! Lash curlers open up your eyes and make them look prettier! I’ve always been a fan of curled lashes! (Say Eyelash Curler, P399, order from 09179870285)

Those are my TOP 5 Beauty Essentials for out of town trips!

What are yours?? Share in the comments below!


  1. I can totally live with the lipstick alone para mas madali. :D

  2. Interesting Post, thanks for giving us an idea say!!! i agree with you we should not forget the lippies, maputlain kasi ako. another must have for me is the sanitizer and baby powder;)

  3. Great lists! I will also bring me my maybelline eyestudio gel liner! It is long lasting throughout the day. Wag lang ulanin. :D

  4. My TOP 5 beauty essentials : eyebrow product, makeup remover, pressed powder, sunblock, lipstick!
    I cannot name the brands since it usually depends to the trip :D


  5. My top 5 beauty essentials that I can't live without are:
    Lipstick (rimmel and nyx)
    Facial moisturizer (olay and cetaphil)
    Baby powder
    Lip and cheek tint

  6. My top 5 beauty essentials:
    Eyebrow kit (I love elf eyebrow kit)
    BB/CC cream (I love Rivecowe CC cream hehehe)
    Cream blush (NYX stick blush in orchid)
    Loose powder (Absynthe or Ben Nye Banana luxury powder)
    Lip balm stain (Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in honey for everyday)
    this kind of sums up my everyday makeup for school haha!

    just sharing :)

    love ya Say!

  7. I totally agree with you that every girl should have beauty essentials wherever they go.

    So i will be sharing mine as well. Btw thanks for sharing.

    My top 5 are
    1. Red Lipstick
    2. Foundation with spf
    3. BB or CC cream. (Etude)
    4. Sunblock for my skin
    5. Baby wipes.

    That's my top 5. I feel incomplete if i forget them because i travel alot and this is what I need.

    More blessings Say. :)

  8. thank you for sharing ate say..

    my top 5
    1. two way cake foundation or liquid foundation
    2. tissue minsan baby wipes
    3. lip balm
    4. my cream olay
    5. mascara

  9. My top 5:
    -eyebrow kit
    -bb cream
    -Lip & cheek tint
    -Eyelash curler