Thursday, November 5, 2015

How To Keep Fresh (Tips)

Staying fresh all day long is quite a challenge for on-the-go women like you and I primarily because we live in a tropical country, causing us to sweat more than usual. We also barely have the time in between meetings and events to freshen up—considering the fast pace of life we have now. Everything should be done in a jiffy! Here are some ways you can keep fresh all day everyday:

1. Use makeup primer – makeup adheres to primer, making it stay on your face longer. This also keeps your skin mattified and fresh; minimizing the pores, fine lines and other imperfections. This minimizes the need for touch ups throughout the day, leaving you with perfect looking makeup even after many, many hours!

2. Oil Blotting Sheets—born with oily/combo skin? No problem! Oil blotting sheets to the rescue! Many women make the mistake of directly applying powder over their oily skin and this just result to a cakey looking face. Make sure you BLOT sebum first, and then use powder after when retouching.


3. Up-do’s – doing field-work? Try tying your hair up in a ponytail to keep it out of your face and also make you feel more fresh even amidst the humidity!

DSC_0321 (2)

4. Carefree Pantyliners – nothing feels more uncomfortable and definitely UN-FRESH than everyday wetness, so I see to it that I use Carefree Pantyliners everyday—they absorb wetness in an instant, making you feel #FreshInsideAndOut!

5. Breath mints—want to ace that interview at the end of the day? Make sure you carry breath mints with you! Stinky breath is a turn-off. If you have the time, brush your teeth after meals!

These are super simple ways to keep fresh all day every day. Little things make a huge difference!


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  3. Keeping yourself fresh and healthy makes you more active. By using proper makeup and beauty products one can remain nourished and charming.

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