Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Shed Extra Pounds in 14 Days! MY STORY (Happy Fit 21)

I’m back from Japan, guys! I had the best time over there, but I’ll save that for another blog post. For today I am here to share what I’ve been doing to lose extra pounds. Let’s face it guys, my physique is not that of a ‘normal’ Filipina’s. My build is bigger. I have an hour-glass body shape. Something that other people see as “fat”/”chubby”. For years I’ve struggled being compared to THINNER, SEXIER Filipinas, but I never let that get to me. Weight has been and I think will always be a big issue in the Philippines and time is too precious to live up to small-minded people’s expectations. So I’ve been embracing what I am. And striving to look better without losing what I truly am.

Giving a little background about my weight loss history. I have always been a big kid. I ballooned when I was in 3rd grade after stuffing my face with food all the time. And then I joined the volleyball team, became part of the varsity for a good, roughly 7-8 years so that shed baby weight, and kept it off. I clearly remember getting my heart broken (LOL), getting depressed and finding solace in a POT (yes, a pot) of rice and kaldereta one New Year’s Eve and just like that, I was back with my old habits. A few years after, I found out about Hip Hop Abs (the video exercise series) and got intensely ADDICTED to it that I was able to shrink back to my normal weight, healthy BMI and all that. And then after another few years, I relapsed, and went back to my old eating habits. And THEN I got addicted to BODYROCKTV on YouTube and found myself WORKING OUT EVERYDAY. I didn’t miss ONE SINGLE DAY. I was that determined. Again, I lost all the weight and felt extremely pleased.
About 10 months ago, stress of my work got to me and I just found myself not finding any time to workout. I just worked and worked and worked. I also had so much fun eating out. It was one of my favorite things to do with Mark and friends. All that made me gain extra weight. And then I started getting irregular periods. I went to my OB-GYNE and she diagnosed me with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) This causes weight gain, acne on the jawline, and many other things.
My OB prescribed me with birth-control pills that made me gain even MORE weight. I hate taking pills. Although it gave me crystal clear skin, I hated the way it made me feel. Always bloated, boobs felt like exploding, nausea, etc. GOOD NEWS, after 6 months of medication, I am clear of PCOS and I was given permit to discontinue the pills.
The problem now is how to shed the weight? I was 23 that time (some time last year) and I just couldn’t understand why it was SO DIFFICULT to bounce back to my old active routine. Perhaps it’s the age? So I paid no mind, I just poured my effort with work and all.
August of this year (2015) I suffered depression. It wasn’t something that I needed help with, I had the courage, thankfully, to come to terms with it, shared it in my vlogs because I really didn’t like the way it was already affecting my work (doing videos), my interaction with people, and most especially my health. When I became honest about it, it felt great. People going thru the same stuff shared their thoughts, and I knew I wasn’t alone. I just think that it was the pressure of living alone (I moved out FEB 2015 to my own place), the pressure of MAKING A LIVING, and other stuff.
I started being active again SEPT 2015. I did different spinning workouts, elliptical routines, my old BodyRock workouts…etc. I started eating healthier. No more ‘grab all you want’ at the supermarket, I actually read labels now. No to FAKE FOOD. I took in more veggies and less red meat. More fruits, too! I thoroughly enjoyed.
There was one problem. I wasn’t losing at the rate I wanted to. I felt stuck. I knew I could do better.
This was the time I tried out and entered the HappyFit21 program by GFOXX International. I met the the people behind this brand and together with a dietician/nutritionist, they helped me construct a diet plan that was ideal for my goals. We took measurements on OCTOBER 21, and these are the before shots. I felt incredibly bloated and not fit at all.
My upper,middle,lower waist areas measured 36.5, 36.5 and 40 inches respectively. I still had the hourglass shape, but I knew I could shed the extra weight. I knew losing the extra pounds would make me happy, so why not, right?
I was introduced to the HappyFit21 program wherein there are 2 phases, the first phase was the hardest as it was cleansing and totally eliminating carbs/veggies/fruits in my diet. It was similar to Atkins, and I took GFOXX Supplements to nourish my body and make it all work together. I was also instructed to NOT WORK OUT because I’ll be needing this to break the plateau later on for Phase 2.
Here are the products I took during my 2 week cleanse -
Kaleidos - *ahh, my salvation. These are veggies and fruits chewables that replaced my intake of the actual food.
Prozyme Shake - *this served as a meal replacement. I love this so much!!!
Algicleanz - *this cleaned out my intestines and overall gave me the cleanse that I needed
I was given a list of food that I could and could not eat. Basically lean meat, eggs…etc. Here’s a sample meal!
It was difficult. Man, was it difficult. I cheated a couple of times, because food at events aren't always healthy, and this woman HAS TO EAT else turn into a monster. LOL. But overall, I followed everything. And two weeks later, I measured and this is the result: (giving you a comparison pic from the last measurement)
I now have the following measurements: 32.4, 34.5, 39.
I was completely amazed because this is WITHOUT WORKING OUT. Just goes to show the big role that diet plays in weight loss, guys.
I’ve also been religiously going to my iLipo sessions (you can read about this here -
I’ve also gotten into waist training lately. This is more of training my waist to stay small while I do all the dieting. Nobody wants sagging!

This is the Classic Waist Burner (SIZE Medium) from

I also noticed it on my FACE! Looook! I lost the extra jaw chin fats. I’m not deceiving you with contour, either.
Now I am on PHASE 2. Which means I have to go back to my normal diet which is my chicken and veggies + fruits. Less carbs because we don’t want to relapse, and still on my 1 meal replacement for everyday with the Prozyme Shake. I also take the Prozyme Fiber C to continuously clean out my color for better absorption of nutrients into my system.
I didn’t pig out in Japan. I actually think I walked MORE! I took a photo of how my body has transformed the past weeks and here you go:
I also lost 2.2 pounds while in Japan. It was all the walking guys. Believe me! I didn’t eat that much, too!
Well, today we are here. I have a long way to go, and I vow to NOT RELAPSE ANYMORE.
Thank you to GFOXX team for the amazing support. My dietician, Daisy, is amazing!! You should CALL THEM AT 09175214430 to get your OWN DIET PLAN suited for your needs/goals! Also a huge thanks to Mr. Tan, CEO of GFOXX, for believing in me!
I am taking charge of my destiny. And that is becoming a better version of me every single day. TAKE CHARGE, GIRLS! Everything else will follow. Health is everything.
One of the greatest things you can do for your body is to LOVE IT and CARE FOR IT.
I’ll be back with more updates soon!


  1. good review! im interested ms.say! i gained so much weight after i gave birth

  2. You inspired me to go back to fitness! I was actually thinking twice since yoga is so so so expensive. I can't tell you enough how good you are in inspiring people. Hope you continue your fitness regimen because a lot is looking up to you.

  3. admire you for posting about this weight problem-i also have my struggles too same as yours but as you said "take charge"

  4. Hi Say been watching you for a long time I starter a new blog site it will mean world to me if you follow

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