Sunday, December 20, 2015

Coreon Gate Internet Cafe | REVIEW

Hey guys! I’m baccck to blogging! And if you noticed, I’ve started revamping my blog. It will now tackle beauty, lifestyle, a little bit of tech, and traveling--not just limited to beauty stuff. Stay tuned as I launch this blog’s new look on January! Let’s move on to our post for the day.


The past days gave Metro Manila so much non stop rain that my internet started going bonkers. Bonkers enough that it started driving me bonkers. Ever since I moved, I’ve been using my Huawei Pocket Wifi using a SmartBroadband sim. And I subscribe to UNLISURF995 every month, and when that promo was terminated for good by Smart, I moved on to SURFMAX995 – not the best because I get a cap of 800mb per freaking day. And I upload videos everyday, do a lotta work online…etc so getting a cap was a nightmare. I didn’t want to switch networks because Globe doesn’t work well in my area. And Sun, well, I haven’t tried yet. Once you use up your 800mb for the day, Smart sends a message telling you just that, and your internet starts slowing down, like FOR REAL. So then you need to purchase BIG BYTES on top of your monthly subscription of SURFMAX995. Big Bytes gives you extra mb’s to use up along with other “free” stuff I don’t even give a care about (like iFlix…etc) I usually get BIG50 (for a day) and I’m all good.

Well the past 3 days I couldn’t even use my internet because pages won’t load. 800mb/day wasn’t even consumed. I was at wit’s end messaging Smart and telling them to give me an explanation. After days of no response all they told me was “…you consumed your 800mb that’s why your internet slowed down.” WHAT THE HECK? How could I have consumed my 24,000mb for those 3 days if I COULDN’T EVEN USE MY INTERNET?!

I got tired of talking to whoever is behind the Smart Twitter account and I tried subscribing to BIG BYTES and boom, my internet was back. So in conclusion, on top of my SURFMAX995 every month, Smart gives me NO CHOICE but but buy extra BIG BYTES everyday just to get decent internet connection *even if my 800/mb hasn’t even been used up*. Seriously, I can’t deal with SmartBro. I can’t deal with the internet in the Philippines, in general.

So when I reached my boiling point, I headed over to Bo’s Coffee at SM MANILA, bringing with me all my work stuff. I paid 270.00php for a meal and connected to the internet. Started uploading a video and boom. 500 minutes for a 9 minute video (upload speed was at 0.02mbps WTH, while regular browsing was quick). After finishing my meal I told myself I CANNOT STAY THAT LONG IN HERE. So I went onto Google and searched for cafés that offer SUPER FAST INTERNET. I stumbled upon some hotels and all that but with UBER’S unbelievable surge nowadays I didn’t wanna go so far just to upload videos. But I had deadlines to catch. I stumbled upon an internet café in Adriatico Street in Malate which claims they offer 200mb upload and download speed.

Without hesitation I booked an Uber ride at 1.7 surge and went straight to this café.
If you watch my vlogs, you’d be familiar with this place Joyce and Bea and myself love, it’s called MAKCHANG (Korean) and we frequent the coffee shop just beside Makchang called Angel N Kiss. Now this café with 200mb internet is located on the second floor. Right above Angel N Kiss. It’s called COREON GATE INTERNET CAFÉ.

I loved how it was so quiet inside. Not much people. Mainly Koreans chilling and just doing their own thing.

It’s common courtesy to at least order something before sitting down and staying for a long time, so I did just that. I ordered Chicken ala King for PHP150.00, the cashier gave me the username and password for the internet, and told me that I can stay for as long as 8 hours. Drinking water was free, and infused with lemon, so that’s a plus!

Chicken ala King tasted GOOD!! Worth the 150.00. They also have coffee, cakes…etc.
I got a spot on this long table with high chairs. Electric sockets were available ON THE TABLE, super helpful. I was able to plug in everything I needed to plug in!

I gave their internet a try. And comparing to Bo’s Coffee’s 0.02mbps upload speed (500 mins for 9 min video), Coreon gave me a decent 0.85-1.00mbps (approx. 64 mins for a 9 min video) and not just that, upload speed actually SPEEDS UP and even SLOWS down depending on the number of people in the café.

I was able to upload 3 videos in total and I was at the café from 2pm till almost 8pm. NOT BAD. YOUTUBERS WHO NEED THIS PLACE, YOU ARE WELCOME!!!

The upload speed was jumpy, but it was more decent compared to the one back at Bo’s Coffee or even my HuaWei SmartBro wifi.

I caught my deadlines thanks to Coreon Internet Café!
Let’s do a recap of the things I love about Coreon Internet Café:
  1. Located near Makchang, situated above Angel n Kiss Café along Adriatico Street—easy to find via WAZE
  2. Air conditioned
  3. Cozy, comfortable environment
  4. Security guard present (I asked Kuya guard to kindly watch over my station as I take a quick restroom break and he did! Thank you Kuya guard! Still be mindful of your stuff, because after all, we’re in Manila, not Japan lol)
  5. Good food, affordable
  6. Spacious stations, you go pick you own spot
  7. Internet is quick when there’s not much people around
  8. I spent 150.00 for 6 hours of steady internet—not bad.
  9. Free lemon water, perfect!
  10. Restroom available. Only 1, though. Not the cleanest, but soap + tissue paper is present.
Some of the things I did not like:
  1. When it gets crowded, internet slows down (duh) but not in a way that would prevent you from surfing the net/sending emails/etc.
  2. There’s a station of computers by the window and I’ve seen kids watch Peppa Pig…etc. But I got annoyed with 2 youngsters who were playing some sort of game with guns and both of them were shouting at each other, disrupting the peace and quiet in the café. They DO have a gaming area, so dapat dun nalang sila. Kaloka.
  3. Internet speed is a bit jumpy, but like I said, speaking from a Youtuber’s perspective, 3 videos uploaded in 6 hours is not bad.
There you go guys, my Coreon Café review. I wasn’t paid to review this; I just want to help out because there’s not much reviews about this place!

To my fellow Youtubers, you know na where to seek refuge when internet is dowwwwwn.
For more points I missed, go visit Coreon’s website, everything is covered here -


  1. Thank you for this review! Very helpful... I can totally relate... :) The Philippines deserve a better internet service! :)

  2. Will be there this weekend. Thank you for the review.

  3. Nice place. Use it regularly. Unfortunately as a nonsmoker and hate 2nd hand smoke, one could die in here sometimes from the smoke smell coming from the "smoking area room." the glass swing door does little to prevent the smoke smells. Can't wait for the supposedly new smoking ban law to come into effect. Was suppose to be November BUT ???

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