Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ask Say Tuesday | Bigger Apartment? Best Travels & Makeup Q's

Hey everyone! New video is up!!! I've been doing Ask Say videos for the past couple of years but I'm so excited to say that I'll be uploading a new Ask Say segment every Tuesday! Hence the tag #AskSayTuesday! Yay! In these videos, I'll feature YOUR QUESTIONS! One of my main goals for 2016 is to interact better with my online friends (you guys)! I hope you as excited as I am! 

Here is the very first #AskSayTuesday video! I answered questions about moving to a bigger apartment, my best travels, makeup questions, and many more! 

If you want your question to be featured, all you need to do is comment in the video and ask me anything! Just use the hashtag #AskSayTuesday

Enjoy watching, guys! 
Happy Holidays! 

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