Sunday, December 20, 2015


One of the best times of my life has got to be my trip to Tokyo, Japan last November. I was invited by the Beauty Bound Asia team (Google) to attend the finals of the competition as a coach/judge! I literally cried when I found out. I didn't expect it at all. I've been meaning to go to Japan and I totally did not expect that it would happen this year. Here'a a recap of what happened during my trip, guys + bonus photos I have not uploaded on social media! Enjoy!

DAY 1 

  • Flying with PAL, arriving at Haneda Airport
  • First time using the restroom in Japan (CRAZY CLEAN)
  • RITZ CARLTON HOTEL ROOM TOUR (I swear, the best hotel I've stayed at!!!)
  • Welcome dinner at Gonpachi in Shibuya
  • Meeting fellow beauty creators from all over Asia 
  • Meeting Michelle Phan and her bf Dom, in the flesh! (EEEEK!)
Seriously, guys, the best first day in Japan. Michelle Phan inspired me to start my own channel. And finally, after 5 years, I meet her in real life!!! Catch all the fun times in this video blog - 

DAY 2 - 

  • Getting lost in the streets of Ropponggi (but I loved it) met a cute dog along the way
  • Workshops and mentoring sessions at YouTube Space Tokyo (coolest place, ever!)
  • Tried pirikura (Japanese Photobooth) at YouTube Space Tokyo
  • Lunch at AFURI (ramen)
  • Dressing up for the Beauty Bound Asia FINALS
  • After Party at B&R Akasaka, got to talk to Michelle Phan and JKISSA!
  • Had a bit too much champagne, and yup, you'll see a little drunk side of me in this vlog LOL
  • After, after party at a ramen place hahaha :)
Watch it here - 

DAY 3 -

  • Visited Samantha Thavasa with fellow coaches and we took home a bag each! I am so inlove, thank you Samantha Thavasa!
  • Borrowed an umbrella from Ritz Carlton because of the rain!! Thank you Ritz Carlton :)
  • Visited FAMILY MART for lunch, tried the onigiri OMGGGG soooo good. 
  • SHOPPED at Don Quixote, my favorite place in Japan! I did a haul on this. 
  • Ate at a curry place called COCO CURRY, I loved it!!! 
  • Met up with a friend of mine! Hi ARI!! :)
  • Rode the train for the first time
  • Went to the HACHIKO STATUE, I had to see Hachiii. 
  • Went to SHIBUYA
  • I love Japanese vendos, and the warm milk tea is my fave
  • Ramen for dinner with Ari
  • Took the taxi back to the hotel because my legs were killing me!
  • Started packing, and it was almost impossible!
Watch all the fun in the vlog -

DAY 4 - 

  • Last day in Tokyo
  • Made a last trip to Don Quixote to buy more stuff I did a haul on this. 
  • Took the taxi to Haneda Airport
  • Bought more pasalubong at TIAT (super inexpensive chocolates!)
  • Flight back to Manila, had the whole aisle to myself WOOHOO!

One of the most memorable trips EVER.
I am definitely coming back for you, Japan. I love you forever and ever and ever!!!

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