Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What I Looked Like in Senior High | NEW VLOG!

Hi everyone! New vlog for today is up on my channel!

  • Featured my current favorite brown lip color from Nature Essentials called "Adore" isn't it prettty?
  • I've been loving the dewy foundation effect on my skin and I've been using my makeup sponge from AgoraBoutique and my Revlon PhotoReady Foundation (this shade looked a bit off already after a few hours on my skin because the tan on my face has faded!!)
  • Blush is from the Sleek Blush by 3 Palette (cream) 
  • Roller Lash by Benefit
  • Essence Brow Kit

We also went over to Bey's house for her annual Christmas dinner! So much food, thank you so much Bey!

Mark and I tried TIM HO WAN the day after and oh my goodness. Expect a food post on this restaurant! I'm craving for the buns as I write this!!!

I got my yearbook from my old highschool and this is what I looked like!!! McDonalds eyebrows (overplucked, for sure!) Hahaha! How time flies. 


  1. weeeeeee! you finally have your own website! i'm excited! ☺️

    1. hi Sanne! Still working pa on it hehehe :D Hope you are ok! How are the repapips? Hahah