Sunday, July 17, 2016


Having supple,soft, and youthful skin is a sign that you are on top of your skincare game. Whether it be skin on the face or the body, I have personal favorite products that I would like to share with you guys today!

Let's start off with the body...

I've been using the Cetaphil Daily Advance Lotion--this is clinically proven to hydrate and protect dry skin for 24 hours! It is also non-greasy, fragrance free and non-comedogenic.
I've been using this lotion for quite a while now, and it still remains to be one of my top favorites [lotion for the body] I've already featured this in a couple of my other blog posts along with a skin care video:

**P.S. I also use this on my legs down to my feet! It totally helps with dry feet! 

Next we have moisturizers for the face...
If you are a  regular watcher of my vlogs, you would totally be familiar with these products. I am such a fan of face masks. The particular brand I use is LEADERS. You can find these at Lucky Chinatown Mall. Not only are these LEADERS FACE MASKS EXCELLENT for moisturizing your skin, they also bring about a LOT of skin benefits like brightening, anti-aging, anti-acne, whitening, anti-dryness, sebum control...and many many more! Choose among endless selections of face masks and MAKE IT A DAILY HABIT! I use face maks EVERY SINGLE DAY, and this prevents my skin from getting irritations! 

Another favorite of mine is the Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel. I use this before I put on makeup. This is PERFECT for people with oily/combo skin as it has a water-light texture, and is easily absorbed by the skin. I've been introduced to this products YEARS BACK, still using it to this day, and I am 100% sure you will love it too! See my old post about this here - DEC 2012 (4 years back!)

Hydration for the eyes? YES PLEASE! Also one of my favorites from LEADERS, is the HYDROGEL EYE THERAPY PATCH. Admit it, we all sleep late sometimes. I edit videos every single night and there are times when my eyes get so stressed that it shows on my undereye area. No bueno, especially if you have early appointments the next day! These eye patches are my heroes. They give high elasticity improvement, moisture and nutrition to the eyes, and they have a cooling and soothing effect! It also dramatically reduces wrinkles with continued use! I *love* how my eyes look so de-puffed and brightened after using this! (I use it at night)

So those are my recommendations, guys! I hope you enjoyed, and till the next post! Love love!


  1. Wow! Great blog Say ❤ I love the Hydrogel Eye Theraphy Patch cos I always sleep late. It's perfect to use! #SAY100KGIVEAWAY

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  3. I really love lotion especially I stayed in Baguio for almost 5 years and the weather I think or the air makes my skin dry so a lotion is really something essential but I want it thick and not water based. Is that okay? But Cetaphil really stood the test of time when it comes to the skin. Woah! I love masks!!! Can't wait to get my masks especially for my puffy eyes. Yey!