Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NO ACNE IN 3 DAYS? (#PondsAcneClearChallenge) + Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I uploaded a NEW video wherein I took the #PondsAcneClearChallenge! For 3 days, I used the newest Ponds Acne Clear Facial Foam + Clearing Gel and see if it makes a difference! 

Watch my video here!

We got to meet the beautiful Barretto sisters during the launch of the products and they, too, attested to the effectiveness of the product.

Pond’s, the number 1 face care brand in the Philippines, formulated an innovative combination of Thymol and Terpineol (Thymo-T), for the New Pond’s Acne Clear product range. Imbued with revolutionary Lock + Clear technology, the new Pond’s Acne Clear is the first in the world to lock powerful acne-fighting Active Thymo-T Essence, which penetrates deep inside bacteria cells to clear acne from the root. This breakthrough helps acne-prone women have clearer, smoother skin in as fast as three days. 

After my 3 day challenge, I saw a significant change in size and redness of my acne. Albeit not TOTALLY gone (it varies from person to person), don't forget to check out the video to see the before and after shots!


1.Post a video of yourself doing the 2-step regimen on IG, Twitter, and/or FB with the hashtag #PondsAcneClear and #PondsAcneClearChallenge and use the hashtag #SAYPondsGiveaway **DONT FORGET THIS HASHTAG**
2.Entries can be posted until August 28, 2016.
3.PondsPH will choose the best videos among all who participated, and winners will get an exclusive #PondsAcneClear selfie kit
4.Winners will be announced on August 29, 2016. PondsPH announce the winners and will send a private message to all winners on how they can claim their prizes.


The new #PondsAcneClear Facial Foam and Leave-On Expert Clearing Gel are now available at all leading drugstores, supermarkets and department stores in the Philippines. 

Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Foam is available in 2 tube sizes: 50g – P 85; 100g – P 155, as well as 2 sachet sizes: 10g – P 15; 4g – P 6, while Pond’s Acne Clear Leave-On Expert Clearing Gel is available in 20g – P 180.

Learn more about how Pond’s Acne Clear’s Lock + Clear Technology helps you achieve acne-free skin in just three days at http://bit.ly/2aguDyO.


  1. I am now currently battling with my acne as it comes back over and over again. And a lot of acne treatment is now out in the market. But the difference with ponds I guess is the prize as you mentioned here is cheaper than other brands. Will think about trying this product as it promise 3 days. Woah?

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  3. thanks