Friday, September 3, 2010

░ Update: Bye, Revlon PhotoReady Makeup! ░

My Revlon PhotoReady Makeup has run out already...  Approximately 2 ½ months of use. I want to repurchase, but I want to give the other foundations a try. Hunting for new and better foundations this time. The "pump-style" bottle of Revlon's PhotoReady Makeup is just too disadvantageous--you'll never know when it's gonna run out.


  1. hi u may try the revlon colorstay liquid foundation... its really nice but the cons is there's no have a pump like the photoready foundation. oh by the way pano mo sinaid ung photoready sa bottle? did u open it? hehehehe hope to hear from you =)

  2. Hello Aizza! ☺ I decided to go back to using my Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation instead! But I'll definitely try other Revlon foundations soon. ☺ You mean how I used the foundation up to the very last drop? I don't know..I still have the bottle though. And once in a while when I push the pump, something still comes out. Haha! I'm keeping the bottle. It's kinda difficult to pry the container open.