Sunday, September 5, 2010

░ Beauty Tutorial: Concealing and Foundation Routine ░

I have finally put up my concealing & foundation routine. A subscriber of mine under the username "Ellainne1515" requested this video. This tutorial will show you how I actually do my concealing and foundation application on a daily basis. At times I skip the concealing part, (especially during the last months when I was still using Revlon PhotoReady) but now I had to switch back to Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation since I didn't want to risk trying other foundations as I have mentioned in my recent post. 
Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation totally dries up fast. As you can see in the video, I warmed the product on the back of my hand and when I was done with the first half of my face, the product left on the back of my hand dried up already. I had to get more of it and apply in quick, swift motions, carefully blending everything so that I get an even coverage. Nevertheless, I love this foundation. I used my Marionnaud N°33 Foundation-Font de teint Brush for application. I hate how the brushes get deformed after a couple times of use. Watch closely in the video and you'll see what I mean.
Nichido's Foundation Stick in Beige cost me P150.00. I bought it recently from Watsons, and this is the only time I've used it again since the last 4-5 years! Yes, it has been that long. You must be careful on applying this product since we don't want any caking to take place. Apply in feathery strokes, lightly. I used my new Marionnaud N°34 Concealer Brush (Anti-Cernes) for application. What does anti-cernes mean? It means "UNDER-EYE" in French. I am loving this brush, and I will do a review as soon as I can.
For setting the foundation, I used my favorite Nichido Kabuki Brush and Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder Foundation in Honey.
So that's how I do my concealing and foundation. I hope this video helps you in any way.


  1. hi say! do you use powder/mineral concealer? if so, what brush do you use to apply them? :p

  2. Hello Joice! I apply concealer with my Marionnaud N°34 Concealer Brush (Anti-Cernes), then I apply foundation with my Marionnaud N°33 Foundation-Font de teint Brush, then set everything with compact powder using my Nichido Kabuki brush. Watch the video above and you'll see how I do it! ☺
    (I didn't get your question that much, are you asking if I use powder concealer or mineral concealer? Please correct me if I'm wrong.) ☺

  3. yup! i was asking if you're using any powder or mineral concealer. the one you used in the video is cream, right? i wanted to know how you apply mineral concealer:)

  4. I don't use mineral concealer, but if its any consolation I think you can apply it with a mini kabuki brush. :)

  5. hi Say, why can't i watch the video. I'm interested po