Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beauty Cosmetics Brush Sets Review & Giveaway


A freelance makeup artist can never have too much makeup brushes.

Just when I thought I needed to order a new set of makeup brushes, Rosenn from Beauty Cosmetics sent me an e-mail. I felt so glad *on the inside* because it was like having my wish granted in an instant! Rosenn sent me two beautiful sets of brushes and a couple of single ones. I was honestly doubtful at first because other than Sigma Beauty, some of the brushes that I received in the past were less than stellar. Although, when Rosenn showed me the photos of her brushes, I thought to myself, “They look sturdy!”

I received a bulky package one fateful day and was surprised to see two sets of different brush sets from Beauty Cosmetics. Rosenn was kind enough to let me have both and she sent another set to giveaway to my readers and YouTube subscribers (PH)! *watch the video embedded at the end of this post to know how you can win a beautiful set of Beauty Cosmetic brushes*

The brush bag is definitely very me [and apparently a lot more girls out there] It’s pretty and pink! It has the V-shaped magnetic strap for opening/closing.


First set of brushes is the 12pcs Basic brush set (a mix of goat, nylon, synthetic and natural hair) *Price: P1250 and you get a free small flat top brush*

The set contains the following brushes (not in order with the photo posted):

  1. Big powder brush (high quality goat hair)
  2. Large duo fibre brush (synthetic and goat hair)
  3. Foundation brush (synthetic hair)
  4. Large angle contour brush (high quality white goat hair)
  5. Large shader brush (fox hair)
  6. Concealer brush (synthetic)
  7. Small eyeshader brush (natural hair)
  8. Medium angle shader brush (natural hair)
  9. Angled brush (nylon)
  10. Liner brush (nylon)
  11. Blending brush (high quality white goat hair)
  12. Pencil brush (high quality goat hair)


These brushes passed my standards! No pungent smell & no shedding. The Duo Fiber Brush is perfect for applying cream blush (which I love) The eyeshader brushes are dense enough to pick up the right amount of pigments. All the other brushes are so fine.


Second set of brushes is the 12pcs Synthetic Brush Set.  *P1250 and you get a free small flat top brush*

  1. Big Powder Brush (synthetic fibers) *full and dense enough for dusting loose and pressed powders
  2. Flat top Brush (synthetic fibers) *multi-purpose brush; applies, blends, and buffs cream, powder or liquid products
  3. Foundation Brush (synthetic)  *used to apply and blend foundation into all areas of the face
  4. Large angle contour Brush (synthetic)  *perfect for cheek contouring and applying blush
  5. Large shader Brush (synthetic) *for applying and blending eye shadows
  6. Concealer Brush (synthetic)  *flat brush with slightly pointed tip for precision application and blending of all concealer formulas
  7. Small eyeshader Brush (synthetic)  *soft and dense to shade or blend eye shadows or emollient-based products; used to build intense color on the eyelids
  8. Medium angle shading Brush (synthetic) *for applying and blending eye shadow
  9. Angle Brush (synthetic)  *for lining, shading or shaping the eye or eyebrow
  10. Blending Brush (synthetic)  *has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape for blending colors or creamy products
  11. Pencil Brush (synthetic)  *for precision shading on the lid, crease or along the lash line
  12. Eyeliner Brush (synthetic)  *extra fine tipped that delivers a precise, firm, & even stroke to line the eyes


I have fallen madly in love with these brushes the moment I tried using them. When I saw and felt the flat top brush I actually immediately thought of Sigma’s F80!!! It is so cool how these brushes are so dense and so close to perfection! Absolutely no shedding, no bleeding, no kadiri smell (pungent smell), no scratchy feel, everything is super soft! This set comes in a LOT of brushes which you can use for a LOT of purposes. Aside from all my Sigma brushes, this is definitely one of my FAVORITES, I kid you not. What I love the most is how expensive they look like! Don’t they look expensive? I love the white to black gradient effect on the brushes. They all just look and function wonderfully!


Up next are the single brushes:

Pink retractable kabuki (synthetic) P450 *perfect for even and  full coverage powder applications—look how cute this pink kabuki is! Doesn’t it just scream gorgeous?! I am in love with the white to pink gradient effect of the bristles! This is a must-have inside the kikay kits of all women out there! Perfect for touch-ups!



Small Flat Top Brush (you’ll be getting this for free when you purchase either of the brush sets)


Small Tapered Highlighter Brush (high quality goat hair) P300 *great for setting powder under the eye area; also works great with highlighting and contouring—fluffy yet does not shed at all.


Tapered Foundation/Concealer Brush (synthetic) P300 *for detailed application of liquid and cream products, perfect multi- functional tool to seamlessly cover large surface areas while achieving precise results, with a pointed tip comprised of tapered fibers, this brush perfectly fits the face for foundation and concealing, it allows the sheerest and most even finish—I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this brush. Hand-down. Digs into the crevices of the face. Perfect for concealer and foundation!


Watch this video for my review + a chance to win a free set of brushes!

You can get these brushes from Beauty Cosmetics 


Disclaimer: Giveaway is sponsored and products were sent by Beauty Cosmetics for reviewing. All thought and opinions are my own. Unbiased and honest.


  1. Wow! I'm really looking for a brush set. I'll definitely join, and I do hope to win, this will be my first ever brush set in my history if ever, because I only buy by piece in different drugstores :)

  2. Hi say! How to order brushes? Or where can I buy them? Thanks!

  3. These brushes just made their way to my wish-list! :)

  4. these brushes look so wonderful i want to become a professional makeup artist one day so for now i'm self taught and it is my dream =}

  5. Say, try Real Technique makeup brushes by Samantha Chapman. The queality is very amazing and comparable to high end brushes like Sigma or MAC but the price is basically like ECO tools or ELF. I don't know if you can get them in local stores in the Philippines.

  6. Wow. These brushes look like they have really good quality. Plus, they come in pink! I want to try these soon. Thanks for sharing this!


  7. hi say! what's the mechanics for the giveaway? i want those brusheeees! :-)

  8. Wow, I love the brushes! I've been eyeing on a set of brushes that are affordable, and I think I found the one <3 I joined your giveaway, hope I win! But if I won't, this will definitely be on top of my shopping list :)

  9. is it the same as sigma's quality wise?

  10. I got the synthetic brush set Ms, Say thanks for the good review on this product.. love this brushes so much.

  11. which is better , the synthetic set or the set with goat hair? thanks.

  12. hi miss say. you're one of my inspiration to create a blog.:)

  13. ms. say, what do you prefer most,the first set or the second set? please answer. planning to buy eh. cant decide which of the two. thank you!

  14. hello ms. say! what makeup brush cleaners do you use to clean the natural brushes? esp. the goat hair brushes? they kinda smell..

  15. Hello Say! any makeup brush cleaners would you recommend for cleaning goat hair brushes? they kinda smell.thanks a lot! xo

  16. Hi say, i bought the Face Perfection Set from Ms. Rosenn and you're right in your review, it really passed my standards too♥ these are super affordable brushes that delivers great results. xoxo


  17. Hi say. you're right about the quality. It passed my standard too, and for such an affordable price you'll get really good quality brushes♥ I bought the Face Perfection Set that I reviewed too on my my blog. xoxo