Saturday, May 18, 2013

HBC My Beauty Haul | Featured In 200 Stores Nationwide

Hi everyone!

Remember this vlog that I posted months back? (“Secret Photoshoot”)

Well it’s no longer a secret! I have received a lot of messages from my sweet subscribers and viewers saying they’ve already seen the posters in different branches of HBC and I am truly happy about it!

The HBC My Beauty Haul campaign started on May 1, 2013 and will last all throughout the month! Visit your nearest HBC outlet (there are 200 branches nationwide!) and get discounts and score awesome finds from their product selections!

I highly recommend you to try out their Hair Protein Treatment (PHP400+) which I personally love to use on my hair. It keeps my hair healthy and smooth! Makeup wise, I love SanSan’s eyeliner pen, the bb cream, blushes, eyelash curler, mascara, concealer, and lipsticks!

The shoot I had with HBC for this campaign was really fun. It was held at Starmall, HBC branch. The HBC team was so warm and nice to me!


Here I am prepping up for the video shooting! It took me about 5 takes! Thanks to vlogging, I am very comfortable in front of the camera. :)


Thank you HBC for giving me this opportunity! I never imagined I would be featured in 200 stores nationwide!


My poster up in the ceiling!


Featured with two other bloggers, Kumi of lovingsunshine and Aya of codenameaya


Here’s the campaign video!

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  1. I saw this here in bacolod. your so pretty! AS ALWAYS :)
    God bless you even more :)

  2. Hi Say, Im a big fan of yours and I do love HBC.This is where I get most of my cosmetic products. :)

  3. Wow that's such an awesome milestone in your career! I saw these too at an HBC branch near us! Congrats Miss Say! :)

  4. hi ms say.. I am "iamicars" on ig..
    i wanna win one of ur sansan eyeliner pen..
    one thing i wanna do is to transform my self into a beautiful/presentable lady/women by knowing how to do make up for i will be able to experience some good comments/feedbacks about my looks and that why i sooo love you and ur vids :)

  5. Hi ms. Say.. I am "iamicars" on ig..
    I wanna win ur sansan eyeliner pen..
    one thing i wanna do is to transform myself into a beautiful,presentable one by knowing how to do make up.i wanna feel that feeling of getting compliments or good comments from people because of my looks and thats why i sooo love ur vids in youtube :)
    Godbless ms say! :D

  6. is there an HBC here in Cebu? :)

  7. Nice one. I had fun reading this.

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  8. Hi Say! I would love to know what you think about the other products of HBC/SanSan. Do you plan to review them soon? What product of theirs would you recommend? Thanks