Monday, May 27, 2013

My Youtube SECRETS!


Since I get so many questions about being a Youtuber, I asked my viewers what they wanted to know about it through Facebook and here are some questions I picked out…with answers you’ve been meaning to find out!

“How do you earn from it? Tips on getting views and subbies?”

I’ve been invited to join Stylehaul in July 27, 2011. Read my first post about it here. I was basically told that my channel was a great fit to their network. Joining the Stylehaul network meant being able to enjoy partnership with Youtube! Partnership with Youtube meant getting paid for doing videos! Let’s not get into the nitty gritty of details as some parts of my contract with Stylehaul needs to be kept confidential. It differs from one Youtuber to another.

Tips on getting views and subscribers? Well, for one, be true to yourself. Show the real you. I started doing Michelle Phan remakes, but I am over that stage. I started doing my own tutorials, hauls, and then ventured into the world of vlogging. In between all those transitions, people learn to love you. And hate you. I’ve grown so much throughout these years being in Youtube, and people have witnessed it. It warms my heart deeply to see subscribers I’ve had before, still present up to this time. You need to build a foundation, establish your image, and let the whole thing develop.

Collaborating with huge Youtube stars also helps…A LOT! I will forever be humbled when Judy of Itsjudytime and Benji asked me if I wanted to collaborate when they were here in the Philippines! I will forever be thankful to Judy and Benji! The story of how I met them? You can watch this video:

On the business side of this all, I use specific strategies to maintain, and of course increase my view count up to a certain amount. You have to know who your audience are. Your niche market. For example, vlogs are like teleseryes in the Philippines. I’ve been told so many times how they [viewers] watch out for my vlogs everyday. It’s like reality TV! I guess when you want to maintain and of course increase your subscribers, you have to make them keep coming back for more and interest new ones to subscribe, too!

“How do you handle negative comments on your vlogs? And do you even feel nervous every time you film them? Or do you get conscious?”

There are different ways of handling negative comments. First you have to analyze in which category this particular negative comment falls under. Here are my categories:

1. constructive criticism – comments which really, honestly aim for the betterment of the subject being criticized *sentence construction and choice of words are still considered*

2. downright rude and mean – comments which come from trolls, bad choice of words, straight up insulting and mean

3. contradicting – comments containing an insult AND a compliment in one

Considering all these, it’s either I let the comment slide,  or worst case scenario, block the commenter. 

I used to feel nervous and conscious while vlogging but I am over that stage. I am now completely comfortable vlogging in public with or without companions. I guess the camera just became my best friend! In Tagalog, sanayan lang.

Do you have any plans of pursuing a different career knowing that Youtube isn`t something for good/permanent?

I’m giving myself 2 more years for Youtube. If things go well, or even better than today, I might not need to find any other job anymore and just keep on doing this. I am earning well enough for myself, combining Youtube and my other freelance jobs. We’ll see how this goes. So far, so good. I hate office jobs, so I don’t see myself in that situation. I like being my own boss. I like having a flexible schedule.

Why do people hate you ? Do you really know why???

Do I really know why people hate me??? No. Hahaha. I guess that comes with success (that sounds really cocky, but you get me). The more you go up, the more some people will try to pull you down. Or perhaps they’re confused admirers (as some of my viewers would tell me)

How did YouTube change your life?

I was able to afford my own stuff. Modesty aside, I was able to pay for my own braces, my very first DLSR, afford a vacation trip in Cebu, purchase studio lightings…and of course, more makeup, clothes, shoes…etc. Oh, and now, pay for electricity at home! I never thought I’d be able to at the age of 21.

How do you think we'll be able to get YouTube as a job?

Youtube being a JOB is not that simple. It took me about 3 years to get to where I am right now. Here are some of my tips:

  • Realize what you want to do. What type of videos are you going to put up?  Makeup videos? Parodies? Singing videos? Vlogs?
  • Widen your network. Establish your presence.  This has got to be one of the most essential tips! You need your audience. They’re the ones who’ll bring you to your success.
  • Have the proper equipment. I started with a non-HD digicam and worked my way up to a Nikon D5100. Invest on things that can make your videos better. Other than investing on things that can make your videos better, also invest on things that will make YOU better. Eat more healthily, go to the gym, get a new hairstyle…etc!
  • Just keep on doing this until you get noticed! (Well, that’s what I did) You can also apply for partnership in Youtube. Those are for approval, and I’m not totally sure how that works, since I’ve been working with Stylehaul ever since.

What can you say about money making (sponsor, selling products) instead of just plain old hobby vlogging? Whats your purpose of doing vlogs?

Youtube has become my job now. Meaning, I rely on it (among my other freelance jobs—being a makeup artist and hairstylist, blogging, and more) to earn money. In that sense, we move on to the business side of it all, as this question is focused on the business side.

When you get to a certain point of popularity, and gain credibility among the niche market that you cater to, companies will want to work with you. Hey, that’s what marketing is all about. It is up to myself whether to accept a project or not.

Here comes the “how unethical it is for you to feature this product merely because you’re promoting it” issue. First of all, I’m a Marketing Management graduate. So I’m basically “hired” to do what I’m good at. Second of all, the products I feature are products I have tried and tested. Meaning, I have personally experienced the product/s and am merely sharing my thoughts about it to the world.

Let me be clear to you that MAKING SPONSORED VIDEOS DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN I GET PAID FOR DOING THEM. You see, there’s a lot of sides about this matter that people need to understand and not just jump into conclusions. You can’t go around telling Youtubers to stop making sponsored videos. You can’t tell them what to do. It’s their life, their channel, their job, their videos, and they’re the sole decision maker!

I don’t sell products on Youtube. I market them—with credibility.

People often ask me why I don’t feature products I don’t like in my channel. That’s because I find it a waste of time. People ask me why I always seem to give good reviews. Well, perhaps I just really DO like the product I tested out. As simple as that. I wouldn’t even dare promote a product that DOESN’T WORK. I wouldn’t bet my credibility/name for that.

If, however, a product did not work on you, it just means that there is NO 100% GUARANTEE that the product/s would work on you just a great as it did on me  (Especially when it comes to cosmetics) given the many possible reasons. We may differ in skin type, allergies, etc. A lot of things can affect how a product works on people. And remember that no two people are exactly alike. I see to it that I include my skin type and all the other things that need to be considered when I do reviews just to give you, my viewers the best out of the video.

Vlogging as a plain old hobby eventually leads to something more… It just means you’re good at what you’re doing. And it’s up to you whether you’d remain making it a hobby, or move up another level and earn money from it—with credibility.

“What are the perks that come along in this kind of job?”

I won’t be a hypocrite about this, so here goes… a lot of sponsorship, money, being your own boss, flexible time schedule, prestige, recognition, honor, empowerment, tie-ups with huge companies, paid projects, stints…etc.

“Does being affiliated with a group/community (like Stylehaul) really boosts your viewership?”

Yes. Stylehaul helped me get my name out there! They featured me in a couple of videos which helped me gain a lot of subscribers. Sample video here:

“How did you come up with vlogging? Who or what inspires you to do it?”

Judy and Benji. The thought of documenting your life and being able to look back is just a great thing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! And I hope I inspired you to start your own Youtube channel!

Good luck.


  1. Really nice timing to read this one... I just got accepted as a youtube partner and I hardly know what to with it. =^-^ Thanks for this article.

  2. This is super helpful and inspiring. :) Though I do blogging just for fun as of the moment, this would come really helpful in time. Congratulations and more power to you, Say! :)


  3. Judy is very pretty! Congratulations on your youtube success, not many people can make a career out of something they love.

  4. This blog post is really helpful. :) Don't mind the haters, Ms. Say. :) We are all here for you! <3

  5. This blog post is really helpful. Thanks for this, Ms. Say! And don't mind the haters! <3

  6. i really enjoyed reading this post say. i honestly think you have posted this at the most perfect time. I've been contemplating on what to have on my YouTube channel in the near future. I honestly love your channel, your vlogs, your beauty videos, you filipino make-up brands. I find it so useful to know where i can now get decent make-up when i go to philippines. Hopefully by then i will have my Youtube channel myself. you are literally an inspiraton :) love it.

    more power & more viewrs girl.

    x natasha

  7. ms. say, ohmygosh, talagang na inspire mo ako. ive been planning to start talaga. keep it up! Godbless po! >:D<

  8. Thanks miss say! Congrats on your successfulness on YouTube. I really want to do videos but I was so shy because I don't wanna get hate.. So this inspires me! I've been watching your videos for a long time and I really really love it! You're my favorite beauty guru. Thanks again. xx

  9. I just love your blog. I've seen quite a lot and yours is the best.
    Some bloggers tend to be pilit as in trying to be a smart aleck but it
    shows and it lessen their credibility as a blogger. When you make videos
    it's very spontaneous, very fun to watch and honestly I'm very much entertained.
    Thanks and more videos to come. :)

  10. I encountered your Youtube channel by accident. And I must say, I got hooked and been following your videos since then. You're my first Pinay Youtube blogger I watched. Thanks for the hard work Ms Say! I look forward for your next vids :)

    ~Roro of

  11. Hi miss say! I can totally relate to what you said about not featuring products you don't like in your blog/vlog. I was once asked by my fiance why I always do good reviews on products I write about in my blog and I simply said because I feel like it's a waste of time and effort to write about sonething that didn't work for me. I'd rather write about a bb cream that I like and just mention one that I don't instead of dedicating an entire blog post about it.

  12. The contradicting negative comment category made me laugh. A comment I recently received. "This idea is so great and creative...even if you sound like the girl everyone hated in high school." Great article :)

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