Sunday, May 5, 2013

Real Beauty Needs No Filter (Weekly Giveaway Promo)

By a show of hands, who, here loves taking “selfies”/self-shots using Instagram? (raises hand behind laptop) I know, I know. There’s a bunch of us! Instagram is really addicting. In addition to that, its filters are amazing! They make our photos look instantly better! 

How would you describe real beauty, though?

For Absynthe Bath & Beauty, real beauty doesn’t need any filter. That is why they are opening a mini promo with WEEKLY winners who’ll get the chance to take home good stuff from their line skincare line!

“Absynthe "Honest to Goodness" Beauty Skincare products are formulated with natural and organic certified ingredients with 100% natural essential oils and active plant extracts.”

One of the best products I’ve tried from Absynthe is their Pure Intention Serum! It revives my dull skin from staying up all night working, making it look radiant when I wake up each morning!

Here’s how to join!


Weekly winners will be posted on Absynthe’s Facebook Page, so make sure to like!

Good luck, beauties!


  1. Yeah I totally agree.. Real beauty don't need filters. But honestly, I often use filters on my photos on instagram..LOL!
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  2. Hi Ms.Say,for somebody who has to deal with people's suggestions and makeup tutorials all day, I must say you're doing a great job with keeping it all in perspective and staying cool with the customer.:)btw,nice Vlogs/blogs:)

  3. Hi say! I really love your blog! Hope to meet you soon! Xoxo -jaybeegaga