Sunday, September 1, 2013

Watsons Haul! (Essentials) + Watsons HWB Awards!

After cleaning the whole house and giving 8 dogs a bath today, I truly deserved a little shopping time! SM Manila is currently on the 2nd of their 3-Day Sale and I went to Watsons—just Watsons—to do my shopping. I go crazy in that store. I can spend hours and hours inside Watsons! Primarily because they have everything I love—makeup, body products, hair products, toiletries, skin products…etc!

Here are the things I got and the reason why I purchased them (to make things a little bit more interesting):


Watsons Smiley Baby Wet Wipes—my absolute favorite wet wipes ever. Ever. I also use this to remove my makeup *used together with makeup removers* Very gentle and absolutely fragrant! I got the huge pack for PHP99.00 and the 3-packs (travel friendly) for PHP89.00


Intuition by Shick Lady Shaver with Pomegranate Extract, Limited Edition Handle—I’ve been using Schick for the longest time and I love this compared to the disposable ones! You won’t need a shaving gel/soap/body wash prior to using this as it already has a strip that lathers and moisturizes as you shave! Love it. PHP359.00


Betadine Mouthwash—I love all Betadine products—from the feminine wash to this mouthwash. My #1 most trusted brand! This mouthwash is my BEST FRIEND. Especially at times when I am suffering from my mouth sores… Oh the life of someone with braces. I wanted to buy the large bottle but it sold out! PHP163.00


Alcohol, Sunsilk Shampoo Refill, 3-pack Safeguard—these are not necessarily mine. I bought these for the house (my family!) We have been using Green Cross alcohol since time immemorial. We love Safeguard ad Sunsilk, too!! (Bought the refill pack for the shampoo because we already have a container! SAVE!!!) PHP 66.00/PHP85.00/PHP116.00


pH Care Feminine Wash—I rarely use ph Care because as I’ve mentioned, I love using the Betadine Feminine Wash. This one’s for the family, too! It’s the super value pack that comes with 2 free pink pouches! PHP127.00


Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (Moist)—I haven’t used up my Bifesta (Brightening) one yet but I jut had to get this just for the sake of trying it out!!! I love Bifesta!!! It’s amazing how it melts away heavy makeup—including waterproof mascara!!! And I do go to sleep withut washing my face when I use this stuff. And I don’t break out! It cleanses like crazy! PHP356.00***just a head’s up, check the price! I bought this for only 356.00 at Watsons (store itself) but at the Watsons in the Dept. Store area, it costs PHP377.00***


Sureaid First Aid Kit—FINALLY!!!! I have been meaning to have a first aid kit for the longest longest time!! This kit has a lot of stuff in it! I finally got one! You’ll never know! PHP269.00


Marionnaud Lash Curler—I had to get one because I don’t have any decent lash curlers anymore! This is on promo! BUY 2 TAKE 1. I got two but realized I only needed one. So I dropped the second and went home with only one! PHP119.00


Paddle Brush—love this kind of brush. BUY 2 TAKE 1 promo. I should have a third brush!!!!! ARGGGGG!!! I just realized that now what the heck!!! PHP149.75


Watsons Travel Tissues—my favorite dry tissues PHP49.00


Charmee Pantyliners—an essential! PHP27.00

That’s it for my Watsons Haul!!! Before I forget, let me share the best of the best in Watsons Health, Wellness &Beauty Awards 2013! Now on its ninth year, the Watsons HWB Awards 2013 recognizes the most outstanding brands in terms of sales, promotions, customer service, and overall product excellence.


Watsons continues to live up to its promise of bringing more to the lives of our Filipino customers. Aside from great savings, exclusive member privileges, and freebies, it recommends the most effective products for your daily health and beauty needs, assuring you with the best possible care.Watsons holds the annual HWB Awards to help consumers choose only the best health, personal care, skincare, cosmetics, and hair care products, thus getting more value for their money.

Among this year’s beauty winners of the HWB Awards are the following: Maybelline for Mascara Brand of the Year, ProActiv for Acne Care Brand of the Year, Dove Hair Care for Shampoo Brand of the Year, Kojie San for Bath Soap Brand of the Year, Colgate for Oral Whitening Brand of the Year, Ralph Lauren for Prestige Fragrance Brand of the Year, and Nivea Men for Men’s Grooming Brand of the Year.

For Health &Wellness categories, some of the winners are: Myra E for Adult Vitamin Brand of the Year, Ceelin for Children’s Vitamin Brand of the Year, Ascof for Cough Remedy Brand of the Year, ATC Redoxfat for Slimming Brand of the Year, and Belo Glutathione for Whitening Brand of the Year.

To spot the winners of the HWB Awards, visit any Watsons branch and look for the Watsons Recommends Seal of Excellence:HWB2013 - WRecommends Seal
With Watsons making you look good all the time, feeling great comes naturally! For the complete list of the winners, visit or visit Twitter: @watsonsph

Hope you enjoyed my haul!!!

Share in the comments why you love Watsons!


  1. Just a head's up, Charmee sells unscented pantyliners in packs of 40 for just P39, although they're only available in SM Supermarkets. But it's such a great deal!

  2. Hi Say! Same here I do love Watsons ,too! Everytime I went to SM, I will not miss going to Watsons. Eventhough I don't have stuff to buy,just window shopping. Looking for a potential "to buy later" stuff. <3

  3. Watsons=Love haha. I always enjoy going to watsons just to see potential products to buy plus something new to buy. Kahit paulit ulit It always makes me happy. :))

  4. There's no Watson in our place so imagine the things that I missed! I spotted a paddle brush and reminded me of my always brush my hair before sleeping.