Friday, November 16, 2012

Pinkie Swear BB Cream Foundation Review/Demo

Hi everyone!

I officially ran out of my favorite BB Cream Foundation :( I can’t squeeze out anything anymore—which means the last resort is cutting the plastic container open and using up whatever’s left!

I am talking about none other than the Pinkie Swear BB Cream Foundation!


If you’ve been watching my tutorials/reading my tweets, you probably have heard me rave about this product a million times already.

Just a head’s up, though. PINKIE SWEAR is no longer available in SM Department Stores. I believe there has been an issue regarding the company name of some sort. It’s really peculiar, too, since a few weeks ago I received an email from Pinkie Swear USA asking if I can give them details about retailers who are carrying their brand in the Philippines. Could it be that Pinkie Swear have been been operating in the Philippines illegally? Hmmm… I still am hoping they’d be back. Because I need more containers of my favorite BB Cream Foundation!

…and this review would be useless if they won’t come back!!!

Pinkie Swear BB Cream Foundation PHP299.00 *there are only 2 shades available (one for people with yellow undertone, and one for people with pink undertone)


  1. One thing I really liked about this BB Cream Foundation is how well it blended with my skin color! It wasn’t too dark nor too light!
  2. It gave me awesome coverage; I need not to use concealer anymore prior to/after using this product.
  3. Given my dry skin type, my skin did not show oiliness/oil up throughout the day (maximum of 8 hours) I believe I get just the right amount of dewiness on the T-zone. I set the BB Cream Foundation using my 4U2 Lovelight BB Powder and my face should be fine all day long.
  4. No pungent smell at all
  5. Comes in a squeeze out tube
  6. Affordable at 299.00


  1. Color selection is limited (yellow and pink undertone)
  2. No longer available in department stores!!! (I hope they come back!)
  3. Might tend to make the skin of people with oily skin type even more oilier throughout the day if not used together with a good setting powder


I give this product a 9/10. I am absolutely in love with it. PINKIE SWEAR, if you’re reading this, please come back to momma. Love, Say

Here’s a short review/demo vid for you guys:

Not sponsored. Product bought with my own money.


  1. Hi Say,

    I drop by the SM Dept store here in Clark Pampanga and the shelve that I found before for Pinkie Swear is now PINKIES Collection (and same color trademark with PS), I just dont know if thats something connected to the email you got from them. Too bad, Ive been waiting for it to be available here in my location. Sayang naman!

  2. Awww...hopefully they return! I want to try it and their other products too!

  3. awts. no longer available?? Di pa ko nakakabili... :(

  4. They're still around. They just changed up their name. It's Pinkies Collection na. :) I think they had problems with the name since a similar cosmetic company has the same name. :)

  5. Yes, there's an issue because they're using the name and logo of the original Pinkie Swear brand. I just saw them last week at SM, though...don't know if they're still there!

  6. I came to know about Pinkie Swear thru you Say. I visited their booth at SM Mega Dept Store but never bought anything till 2 weeks ago. I bought their Cream eye liner and saw it has a different name. It says Pinkies Collection. I just thought they just changed name. Until I checked on Pinkie Swear's website and found out they have the same logo and brand packaging. :( Seems like even before they operated they werent registered or something to that effect. :)