Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Look | Inglot Freedom System Palette


Inglot is one of the most talked about makeup line in the YouTube community! I’ve seen a lot of makeup gurus use it and even rave about it on several favorites videos and such! I’ve heard and read that these are very good alternatives for MAC eyeshadows as the color pay-off is really great.

A few days back, The Style Quarter sent me a package and I knew it was the “Freedom System Palette” since the owner, Ritchelle, gave me the freedom to choose the shades I wanted in my very own Inglot Palette! :)

I like using customizable palettes since you are able to bring the products you need in just one container! What’s even more likeable is when your customizable palette is as sturdy as Inglot’s!


The Freedom System Palette contains 2 slots for eyeshadows, one for blush, and one for the pressed powder. It has a glass-like covering with 4 magnets as locks. These magnets a very strong so you don’t need to worry about your palette’s covering flying open!


These are all the shades that I chose for my very own Freedom System Palette:

Eyeshadows: #107R & #114R

Blush: #51

Pressed Powder: #21 (I chose this shade because I wanted to use it for contouring!)


I have tried using the products and they are all ahhhhh-mazing. I will be uploading the makeup tutorial using this palette very soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy this quick video of myself showing the Freedom System Palette:

Helpful links:


INGLOT Freedom System Palette: (850.00)

Pressed Powder 755.00

Blush 675.00

Eyeshadows 590.00


  1. ohh! you got me wanting this palette.
    you should also check out the Unii palettes where you can place any brand of de-potted eyeshadow, blush, pressed powder :)


  2. i saw missglamorazzi show off
    her inglot palette as well.
    i should try this one out as well.



  3. I love the packaging, plus, you have the freedom to choose the colors that you like!

    ~Pauline @Kallony