Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 2: LazadaPH Giveaway (CLOSED) Amstar Hair Tools


Hi everyone,

Just a few days ago, I posted Week 2 of the weekly giveaways sponsored by the wonderful They gave away an Amstar Hairtool set!

I regret not having blogged about the giveaway, but if you’re a follower of my Twitter and FB Page, this wouldn’t have affected you at all!

Congratulations to our winner:

Check out the Amstar Mini Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener MTDS1-DG

Having a bad hair day? Don't worry, help is here. Introducing the Amstar Mini Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener (MTDS1-DG), this hair styling essential is not only a hair dryer but is also a cleverly designed styling tool. The innovative design creates beautifully straight hair that looks like it came out from a salon. The variable heat control ensures perfect air temperature for that stunning hair style you've been looking for.

For that salon-styled hair without actually going to the salon, go for the Amstar Mini Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener!


Sponsored by:


Demo video using this set will be up in a few days!

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