Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fanny Serrano BB Cream Review

Hello, everyone! I’m been quite silent in my beauty blog as I am pouring so much attention on my YouTube channel. I’m breaking the bad habit and promise to update my blog as often as I do with my channel. I’m starting to produce more and more reviews of both local and foreign brands, so stay tuned! Don’t hesitate to send me a request for a review of your chosen product!

Today we will be putting the Fanny Serrano BB Cream on the spotlight.


This is one of a couple of products that I judged too quickly. I remember buying this last year from Robinson’s Place Manila during the time when almost all makeup brands were coming up with BB Creams. I paid PHP 299.00 ($7.36) for a 25g container. Something made me buy it, and I would definitely say that it’s the:

1) brand—Fanny Serrano is quite trusted especially by the Filipino community and

2) the shade--It wasn’t like the other BB Creams with a white shade, this actually came in a color that’s closest to my skin!

Well, for some reason, I never did a review after I bought it mid-year of 2012. I only remember saying to myself that this wasn’t a good product to try out at all. I believe I found it too greasy or something like that.

Come 2013, this BB Cream still is on the Top 5 highly requested BB Creams that my viewers are asking me to do. I went through my makeup drawers and decided to finally give it another try.

An all in one cosmetic breakthrough that has the properties of foundation (to give your face a seamless coverage); concealer (to flawlessly cover all blemishes); moisturizer (to keep your face from dryness); and UV protection (to protect your skin against harmful rays of the sun).”

Priced at PHP 299.00 ($7.36) available at all leading department stores, Fanny Serrano counters

Shade: “Oriental” *if my memory serves me right, the saleslady told me that this BB Cream only comes in 1 shade*

This product sounds extremely promising, doesn’t it? Foundation, concealer, moisturizer and UV protection rolled into one product? Let’s see if it’s as amazing as it sounds.

I applied the FS BB Cream with a makeup sponge from James Cooper, I did not want to use my fingers as I wanted to get a flawless coverage (this means pressing & dabbing the product onto problem areas)

Here’s a photo of my face right after application (*no setting powder used *no editing)


Initial thoughts:

  • I loved how the shade “oriental” blended very well with my skin tone, it wasn’t too light nor too dark
  • No pungent smell—which is a huge plus for me
  • Without a doubt erased my imperfections after 1-2 layers
  • Covered my chicken pox mark on the left side of my face (right beside the nose area)
  • Covered dark spots and acne marks
  • Gave a very dewy finished, perfect for my dry skin type—not highlighting dry patches around my nose area
  • Did not feel heavy although you can feel you have something on your face
  • Light-full coverage depending on how many layers you pack on
  • No need to use a separate concealer

Applied the BB Cream at 7:35PM and waited for a few hours to test the longevity.

Weather setting: Philippines, stayed in an air conditioned room

Checked back at 11:00PM, approximately over 3 hours had passed. Here’s a photo for comparison:


As you can see, after about 3 hours, the dewiness is still there. Coverage is still very much intact, no bb cream settled on dry patches/lines…etc. No creasing on the lids (for the reason that I applied minimal eye shadow on) Extra dewiness can be seen on my forehead (brow area) I am not really bothered by it as a little loose powder would do the mattifying magic.

Points to consider before purchasing:

I have DRY skin type, hence, my skin is suitable for bb creams/foundations with dewy finishes. I do not entirely recommend this product for people with extremely oily skin, as it might trigger more oiliness throughout the day.

I stayed in an air conditioned room during this experiment. I personally think this BB Cream would feel a bit greasy when worn outside, given the hot, humid Philippine weather. I will try wearing it with a face primer if I would wear it out in the sun just to make it last even longer amidst the humidity.

Given that a girl with a dry skin type, in an air conditioned room, got enough amount of dewiness from the BB Cream, how much more a girl with oily skin type, out in the sun? Nobody wants to look like a grease ball!

I may suggest dusting loose powder over this BB Cream to keep your face mattified throughout the day if that’s what you prefer. Using Ben Nye’s Banana Luxury Powder always, always does the trick.

At PHP299.00 I think I would purchase another tube just because I love how this product makes me look flawless even without the use of concealer. I don’t mind a little dewiness, it’s when my face looks greasy that I start saying bye-bye.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts? Comment below!

Watch my video review here and see the FS BB Cream at work:


  1. Hi, what's your favorite BB cream, foundation and concealer so far? :)

  2. Your face looks flawless! I'm going to have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing. :)
    You have a new follower!

  3. hi miss say! i am reading your blog for a couple of months now and i can say that you are good in doing a review for each product. :) please do consider my request of doing a review for Celeteque BB cream and Celeteque brightening eye tuck plus dark circles lightener. Thank you! :)

  4. Hi. I have super oily skin. What foundation/cream/whatever should I use? Thanks for answering. :)

    1. Hi! I'm not Ms. Say but I prefer you use the Skin White Whitening Face Cream Powder. It keeps your face matte c:

  5. Hi. I have super oily skin. What foundation/cream/whatever should I use? Thanks for answering. :)

  6. what lip product did you use here? i love your makeup!!

  7. Hi Miss Say,
    Thanks for the vid, Do you always use your FS BB cream?
    ~Pauline @neutrogena philippines