Thursday, February 21, 2013

How I Remove My Makeup +Night Routine (Skincare)

So, a lot of people have been asking me to this for the longest time and I finally did it! This is a blog post and a video about how I remove my makeup and my nightly skincare routine!


Removing makeup may vary from person to person. In my case, I love using Pond’s Cold Cream and wet wipes from Watsons! I use about 3 wipes all in all, until I am left with no trace of makeup whatsoever.

However, using cold cream and wet wipes is not enough! I like to use my St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub to slough off dead skin cells and reveal new, radiant skin! You can read my separate nightly skincare routine here for in depth information about the products I use. Yes, I use this scrub every night—a method that works for me. Do consider your own skin condition before doing the same.

After exfoliating, I do my “second wash” by using a regular foaming cleanser. At the moment I use Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser. I get that squeaky clean feeling right after!

I use a clean towel and dab my face semi-dry to prepare it for moisturization afterwards.

Every night time, I use this amazing facial serum called Absynthe Bath & Beauty Pure Intention Ferulic C & E Serum. I must say that this is my biggest skincare secret! My skin has improved greatly because of this product. It contains 30ml of product and have lasted me for about 2 months. *I’m almost done with my first bottle!!!* It is fortified with emu oil and elemi essential oil. It is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and suited for all skin types! It doesn’t contain parabens and all that bad stuff. For those concerned about what’s in it:

Cetaryl Glucoside, Ferulic acid, Vit C, Sea kelp, Emu Oil, Vit E, Beta Glucan

Given all that amazing ingredients, it is NO doubt how it was able to transform my skin! *You’ll see it in the video embedded below where I go on cam WITHOUT MAKEUP!*

I was highly doubtful of this product at first, but look where it has gotten my skin now. It is amazing. I hope it would work the same way for you as it did on me!

Up next, I use my eye cream! I use this eye cream from Pond’s called the Gold Radiance Youth Reviving Eye Cream. I’ve been using it for 2-3 months now, and it has done wonders on my eye area. I don’t want any premature lines and wrinkles around there!!

Lastly, LIP BALM! Just to keep my lips soft! Let’s be honest, I skip this step most of the time. But when my lips are extra dry, I see to it that I do this!

That’s it!

And now for the video part… Yes, you’ll see me WITHOUT ANY MAKEUP ON!

Products used:
Pond's Cold Cream PHP130.00
Baby Wipes from Watsons PHP99.00
St. Ives Facial Scrub *Blemish Control* PHP202.00 Watsons
Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser from Watsons
Pure Intention Serum PHP 749.00 from
Pond's Gold Radiance Youth Reviving Eye Cream PHP600+ Watsons
EOS LipBalm Robinsons Dept. Store (Robinsons Ermita) PHP190.00

You can read my separate nightly skincare routine here for in depth information about the products I use.

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