Tuesday, August 12, 2014



Hi girls!

I created a super simple back to school makeup in collaboration with a friend of mine from Youtube, the gorgeous Maricarljanah! :) Check out Janah's video here: http://youtu.be/ITIvjDpoLkI She did an awesome hair and makeup tutorial for you guys, too!


No Shine Mattifier found at Watsons P89.00 – keeps shine and oil at bay, you don’t want to look oily in school, do you?
Rivecowe CC Cream P875.00 order at 0917 987 0285 – the CC Cream that blend onto any Filipina skintone! Lightweight, and has a semi-matte finish, this is perfect for school-goers!
Maybelline Pressed Powder – for touch-ups, especially on the T-zone!
MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Brow Kit
http://www.makeuphub.com – quick fix for your brows! Keep them defined and filled in!
Rucy's Vanity Quad P200.00 – perfect light shades suitable for school!
Say Eyelash Curler order at 0917 987 0285 *purple color –stock coming soon!*
Maybelline Mascara
NYX Butter Lipstick from


Enjoy the video, my loves! :) And don’t forget to check out Maricarljanah’s video, too! AND SUBSCRIBE TO HER!!! :)


  1. Your face is so flawless ms. say! 😍😍

  2. Im gonna try that make up! Maganda! Refreshing look! Tnx ms.say!

  3. You look so good khit anung aus u ms.say
    But thumbs up po ako dito. Simple but prettylicious, ^^ love it

  4. Tried this today! Looks so easy when you are the one doing it. :))

  5. I really enjoyed your video! Your make-up so simple yet so refreshing, I super love it! I also use quick fx no-shine mattifier and it is a must-have in my everyday make-up. Sobrang helpful in keeping my nose and forehead oil-free. :)

  6. You do well at applying foundation. Mine always don't appear flawless why why why even if I don't really have too many/serious skin problems.

  7. Love the look!! anyway have you tried the new mascaras from Nichido? I think they are dupe to Maybelline's famous mascaras. I bought the Long Lash False Effect and it was like I used the Falsies! the only cons is not waterproof. :(

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  9. Tried the No Shine Mattifier from Watsons, medyo mahirap sya hanapin kasi laging out of stock. I actually like my skin's texture after applying this :)

  10. i wish i watched this video when i was still studying hehehe

  11. Thank you for this definitely enjoyed it parang no make up look lang and sadyang glowing and refreshed! I've seen No Shine Mattifier in some other blog she didn't explain what it is so I thought it was a sort of a hair gel because of the packaging :( LOL anyway Im really glad that there is a cheap primer out there and it's matte pa, i hope lang it is suitable to my acne prone skin, I would definitely try that out. I really love how you did your eyebrow, because even though you used a brow kit, it's not too makapal, it's not too overpowering, just perfect! I just use eyebrow pencil and mascara because whenever I use an eyebrow kit it's always a disaster.

  12. Hi guys, i have both the Say and Shu uemura eyelash curlers. and i would have to say that Say's curler is of top quality for its price. It feels solid and well-made. And can we just appreciate the packaging, please? it is gorgeous and classy! I have been using it for 2 weeks now & it is a great fit for how my eye curves. I can hit the inner part of my eye without a second pass. Madali siyang gamitin :) and the curl looks natural. Worth purchasing, you guys!

  13. pati yung rucy's vanity na quad, i tried it sa studio ni joyce, and oh my goodness and lupit ng pigmentation. it is dirt cheap but the color payoff is top of the charts, like the feel of high end shadows! amazing for its affordable price. :)