Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hong Kong Haul (Cotton On, Zara, Souvenirs)

hk haul

So excited sharing with you the things I got from my first trip abroad! Hong Kong was SO BEAUTIFUL and I made sure I got souvenirs to remember this trip by.

hk haul.Still001hk haul.Still002

First one is this beautiful printed maxi skirt which I got from Zara! It was on sale for only 80HKD! I love everything about it! I’m a sucker for anything maxi.

hk day 3.Still005

Along with the maxi skirt, I got a black jumpsuit from Cotton on for only 30HKD! Perfect fit! It was on sale, too!

hk haul.Still003

Since we did not enjoy HK Disneyland that time (if you watched the vlog, you’ll know why) Bea and I made sure to pass by the HK Disneyland Souvenir Shop at the HK Airport! I got myself this Minnie Mouse body mug which I’ve been meaning to have for YEARS now! I finally have one! Woohoo!

hk haul.Still004

I’m not entirely a jewelry type of person but I fell in love with this jade ring which I got from the ShenZhen Jade Museum. P2,500.00

hk haul.Still005

Also, this windmill necklace which looked really pretty and interesting! P1,500.00

hk haul.Still006

Another thing I got from the Disneyland Souvenir Shop—a keychain! With Minnie on it.

hk haul.Still007

We went to the Ladies’ Market and I HAD to get a Hong Kong magnet!

hk haul.Still008

This [fake] Mulberry pouch is super cute and Bea and Lejannie got the same one, too! Great for putting in spare change!

hk haul.Still010

Lejannie gave me one of their star products, a hair styling gel from ArtistA which you can find in WorldWide outlets in Hong Kong :) Thanks Lej!

hk haul.Still011

MY FAVORITE MAKEUP WIPESSSS from Neutrogenaaaa. I regret buying only 1 pack!

hk haul.Still012

Lastly, Bea was so sweet to get me this shade from MAC! Please Me!!!! Ahhhh thank you Bea!!! You are super sweet! She got this from the Hong Kong Airport! Sneaky sneaky Bea!

Enjoy watching the haul video here:


  1. The Meanie Mouse body mug is so cute!

  2. It shows that u really enjoyed that HK trip! Sana ako din makapunta dun to buy also the minnie mouse mug because im a coffe lover like you. The jade ring ive seen it many times sa mga vlog mo since u came home ang ganda nya! God bless ms say and many more sharings of vlog!

  3. The body mug and the MAC Lippy.. Oh my.. Your too lucky to have such generous friend. I'm inggit!

  4. the minnie mug is toooooooo cute!!!!! And i love the pastel maxi as well so girly

  5. The mac lipstick look so pretty... u should go langham place mall its so fab and yes the sale is everywhere starting july every year..

  6. I actually had a throwback when I watched all your HK vlogs.Pakiramdam ko nasa HK ako ulit haha.Bea is so sweet when she gave you the Mac lippy ,mukhang masaya talaga syang kasma anywhere , I hope to meet her soon ;)

  7. I love the MAC Please Me! Perfect shade of nude pink! <3

  8. I love everything you got especially the mug! It's so cute. I also want one. Haha. Anyway, I wonder how the hair styling gel works. I hope you'll do a review about it some time. :) I also like your ring and necklace. I'm so into jewelries and I find your pick very cute. :) Lastly, that MAC lippy has a cute shade. Perfect for everyday use. :)

  9. so many awesome things and they are such a big steal! like the chocolates and clothes!! which do you like better? shopping here or abroad? BTW, I love the color of the mac lipstick, though if you'd swatch it or just look at it, it doesn't look really good, but woooooow once you were it it's just really flattering pala! sa start nga ng video I was wondering what lipstick you were wearing and oohhh thank you for mentioning it at the end of the video! sweet and blissful shade :)
    anyway I hope you'd do a vlog while using the minnie mouse mug!! naintriga ako ang cuteeee it looks so fun to use that haha.. Of course a magnet hindi yan mawawala sa lahat ng tourists! Whenever a friend of mine/family goes abroad, they always buy me a nail cutter with the country creatively engraved in it for pasalubong, i don't know but i find it weird and somehow creative, I already have 6 of them and I don't even ask them for pasalubong but it's just the same as always, different people but all nail cutters! haha did you buy any of those? have you seen one? It's too sad I haven't watch all of your blogs because my internet connection isn't that stable :( awesome haul as always!!