Wednesday, August 27, 2014



I am so excited to share my latest haul from LUXOLA Before anything else, make sure to use the code "LX-LINDSAY" FOR DISCOUNTS! Here’s what I got from the site:

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler—I got this mainly because my good friend Bea has the same one (in a different color) and I was just really amazed on how it EASILY detangled my super tangled hair (when we were in HongKong) You would actually see my first reaction to this product in one of our HK vlogs!!



I got two types of makeup brush cleaners! One in a spray bottle, and one in wipes form:

I will be making a separate video on how this works, so make sure you watch out for it!


Already becoming my favorite, the Purity 3-in-1 Facial Cleanser! It magically melts away all the makeup!


Sigma will always be my #1 favorite… I got the Make Me Crazy Essential Kit! Watch out for a makeup tutorial featuring these babies!


I can’t get enough of primers. And so I purchased this! The In Transit Camera Close Up! It’s a mask, a moisturizer and a primer in one!!! How awesome is that?! My review will be up soon! closeup_c420db6eba1b482016c73e50df30379476ffb03d_TW_InTrasitCameraCloseup

That’s it for my LUXOLA haul! I’m very excited to share my reviews on these! Watch the video here!


  1. The Tangle Teezer looks really cute and handy as well. Parang interested po ako dun sa Cosmetic sanitizer wipes! Naalala ko po tuloy yung isang haul video niyo po na sinabi niyo na super addicted po kayo sa wipes. sobrang cute. This time wipes for brushes naman :) I'll wait for the video nalang po about the product. It looks like sobrang good buys po lahat haul niyo from luxola. :) I'll wait for your video regarding the review of the products you've got. :)

  2. the purity cleanser! ive beennmeaningnto get 1 for myself!! will wait forbyour review :) same with the inntransit prod

  3. OMAYGAWD!!! That Sigma Brushes... Woah! Jealous overload... That Tangle Teezer also caught my attention too.. Kindly make a review and first impression.. Pretty please.. Thanks :*

  4. I saw your vlog where you used Bea's Tangle Teezer and it made your hair look really tangle-free. I don't know much about Luxola. Thanks for sharing it here. :)

  5. Many bloggers recommend Luxola when buying make-up products due to the wide selections there. However, I haven't tried buying there yet as I'm still half-hearted on which products to buy. Anyway, I find the Tangle Teezer interesting. I've never heard of something like that before. All the other products you bought are interesting as well, but same of the Tangle Teezer, I haven't heard of them before. I guess I'll wait for your reviews! :)

  6. Its unique products. I dnt know that there is a site selling for unique products like this. This video and blog helps a lot. Im curious with the wipes brush cleaner. Im gonna stay tune on ur channel to watch ur review. Ive already have the ellana brush cleaner because of ur review of that. Also, the sigma brushes its a holy grail to have sigma is sigma! And the tangle free brush wishing to have because i have also long tangled hair. Cant wait to try it on my own. Gonna check out the for all of that! Thank u ms say for sharing all if this to us who believes on ur review! Keep it up!

  7. Im really amazed how they can ship in just 4 days nakakatuwa naman to think that's it's from abroad, I just knew about luxola because of you wand thanks I visited their site and they have really good products some of them are I've been looking for so long, good thing they have it, yaay because you have a discount code!
    I hope you'd do a review of In Transit Camera Close Up! very interesting product indeed. I'm amazed how it can be a mask, a moisturizer and a primer as one , if it'll be good i'll definitely make ipon for that!