Friday, March 27, 2015

Shiseido International Beauty Fair 2015


Hi girls!

Shiseido is holding its 2nd International Beauty Fair this 2015 in celebration of Women’s Month! We had the  privilege to get a sneak peek of what’s in store for everyone, and you can watch this vlog to find out!

The special activities that are exclusive to this event are:

  • A master class makeup and skincare workshop conducted by highly-trained beauty consultant that flew straight from Shiseido Japan and chief makeup artist Carmel Villongco where you can learn secrets in achieving flawless, healthy, glowing skin. Advanced, yet wearable, makeup techniques to enhance your beauty will also be discussed. As bonus, Shiseido is giving personalized course certificates to attendees.
  • Skincare analysis and consultation using the Shiseido’s state of the art skin diagnostic tools like Skin Vision and Skin Sensor which instantly measures skin’s actual age (versus real age), moisture level, melanin concentration, immunity of the skin and your facial skin’s turnover rate.
  • Beauty Simulator that mirrors the state of your skin once you’ve started on the right skin care regimen plus it simulates a chosen makeup look using Shiseido’s newly launches makeup collection without having to take out your makeup.
  • Complete Shiseido Makeover that includes eyebrow reshaping and personalized makeup tutorial that touches on balancing techniques specific to your face proportions./
  • Pampering activities like quick facial that relaxes, tones, and lifts facial muscles and hand massage.

This year, Shiseido International Fair will be featuring Ms. Naka Maeda, a seasoned beauty consultant from Osaka, Japan.

The Spring/Summer concept highlight for Shiseido is Glowing Beauty, as it launches a slew of new products that aim to revive your skin’s glow fro within this season. Included in the list are Shiseido Bio Performance Glow Revival Serum, Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer, Shiseido Makeup Perfecting Stick Concealers and a lot more!





The 2015 International Beauty Fair will run in 3 premiere malls this month:

  1. SM Mega Fashion Hall Activity Center Megamall - March 13-19
  2. Podium Activity Center - March 23-28
  3. SM Mall of Asia - March 29-31


Have fun, and don’t forget to use the hashtag: #shiseidoibf2015 and tag @shiseidoph on Instagram!

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