Friday, March 27, 2015

#TheYabuDonSeries Part One

What makes being a vlogger extra fun? Being invited to tasting events! I was at Yabu in Glorietta 5 last March 23 for a private tasting event for the NEWEST Master Class Creations…part one of the Yabu Don Series! Oh boy, was I excited! You can watch the vlog to see it all in action, a little warning, you will drool.

APPETIZERS. I thoroughly enjoyed the edamame and wakame with ebi., considering this was the first time I tried them!


Here is a menu of the latest Donburi Sets – you have a choice between the Salmon Don or the Katsu Curry Don—and even BOTH! Because they’re that good.


THE KATSU CURRY DON. Signature Katsu on a bed of beefy Japanese curry, melted mozarella and your choice of Hire, Rosu or Chicken Katsu.

This was HEAVEN. Oh my goodness. Just writing about this makes me salivate… Everything is perfect. I am a curry person, and good gosh, when you add mozarella to curry, and a large piece of Katsu with steaming hot rice all together? You get heaven in your mouth.


THE SALMON DON. 1 1/2 inch thick salmon steak with crispy salmon skin and salmon roe. Served on a bed of mixed teriyaki rice with sautéed bell peppers and eggplant.

I am honestly NOT fond of salmon, BUT this dish totally changed me. It changed me COMPLETELY. This was truly made of perfection. The crispiness of the salmon skin, the bursting flavor of the salmon roe, the thick piece of salmon steak—all married in my mouth and converted me to a salmon-eating human.


The Yabu Don Series is now available in all YABU branches!

You also get to join the raffle if you order any of the two and you could win a trip for 2 to Tokyo! How awesome is that?

Go to the nearest Yabu now, and eat your heart out! It’s 5:30am where I am right now, and I am so hungry because of this.

Enjoy eating!!!

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