Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Favorite Cream Foundation

Hi everyone,

I ran out of foundation—such tragedy because it’s something very essential in my everyday makeup routine, if you ask. You might think with all the makeup I’m being sponsored (wow, I bragged there for a while, pardon me) I won’t have to buy foundation anymore. That’s not entirely the thing. I still have my preference when it comes to foundations. The only foundations that I got from sponsors that I really loved is Revlon for Less’ Revlon Colorstay and Krave Minerale’s Luxurious Perfection Mineral Foundation. No bias whatsoever. But when it comes to personally shopping for my own foundation, I always run to Watsons.


James Cooper, baby.

My gorgoeus friend Janica ( was the one who introduced this foundation brand to me. I have seen it [the brand] in Watsons way before but I never tried it until Janica told me how much she loved it.

Anyhoo, I bought this last week. Every single time that I do, I have to compare the shades all over again. I mistakenly thought that their shades were of ascending order (like CF-01, the lightest, 05 the darkest) NOPE! Completely false.

They all vary in undertones. I have tried CF-02 and CF-04. Both of different undertones, CF-04 having a pink one and 02, yellow.

I bought CF-04. It is the closest to my skin tone. 02 tends to look dark on me! But I don’t know why I always feel like going a shade darker is better than choosing a shade lighter!

James Cooper’s packaging changed since my last purchase, and I love it better now.


I am going to make a video on this again just to show you [better than I did before] why this is my favorite cream foundation. Expect it this weekend!

PRICE: PHP 550.00


What is your favorite foundation?


  1. I think my favorite would still be Shiseido's Perfect Refining Foundation. It's so light and it matches my skin tone like a BB cream... e i find it hard to find a bb cream that would my skin tone cause most are always pretty light!

  2. I feel the same way, I'd rather go darker than go lighter.

  3. aww! lucky for you. watsons baguio doesn't sell such product. im always stopping by at watsons whenever i go to sm to see whats new, but they dont have products that other watson branch offer. and its a boo-hoo!

  4. As of now, I'm loving the ever bilena cream stick foundation. It gives me good coverage and it is definitely light.. ;)

  5. i only have 2 foundations at the moment since i am kind of new in this whole make up thingy..i have the revlon colorstay in sand beige (combination/oily skin) and the everbelina powder foundation in tender honey..
    i primarily use the revlon foundation then retouch with the everbelina powder foundation through out the day as i tend to really get oily...and they are the only ones i can afford...haahaa!

  6. Thanks for the review Say! I will try the James Cooper Foundation then cos the one im using is too pricey... Yung Revlon Colorstay (07 Medium Beige)... Try nyo din girls yung FS (Fanny Serrano) Cake Foundation I use for contouring . :)

  7. hi say! you'd be surprise coz even the salesclerk told me to watch you on YT (she doesn't know i never miss a single video hehehe)...anyways, just wanted to ask, is it good for very oily skin? i'm about to buy one but i'm quite hesitate coz it's a cream foundation...and i might break out....thanks :D