Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Discovering Your Own Beauty APRIL Makeover + Fashion Segment

Welcome to the fourth episode of our "Discovering Your Own Beauty" beauty campaign!

Every month, we feature a model from our dear subscribers and give them a beauty and fashion makeover!

I am working with one of Philippines' best mineral makeup line, Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals and have come up with this project about empowering women and boosting their confidence levels to new heights! This also includes a fashion segment with clothes from 'State of Pink' owned by Janelle Manahan, fashionista, stylist, celebrity & blogger. Megumi of Megumi International provided the stee wels (steel and jewel) accessories for the shoot. Beautifully made and hand-crafted!

Our model for the month of April is Julia Morente from Manila.

I gave Julia a very subtle yet romantic look using vanilla as an over all base color for her lids, and defined her crease using a gorgeous brown shade from the selection of single mineral eyeshadows that Krave carries. Julia has very nice features—and I accentuated them by contouring using the Pretty Young Thin contouring powder.

For the outfit, Janelle styled Julia with a sexy one-shoulder pink dress that really complemented Julia’s skintone. To top everything off, stee wels from Megumi International were added as accessories.


We filmed two episodes in a matter of 5 hours with Em and Julia. We really had so much fun working together, and I am very happy to have met these wonderful ladies. I met Em during the very first Meet & Greet of Judy here in Manila, ever since, she has been so nice to me, and I am so glad to meet her again and do her makeup, even! We even rode the same cab after the shoot & shared the same experience with this weird and creepy cab driver hahaha *Right, Em?* Julia is such a sweetheart—she exudes an aura of positivity & kindness! Thank you Julia, for the generous loot you gave me—I LOVE the lotion and I can’t wait to try out the masks!


We have been getting mixed feedback about our beauty campaign, and all we can say is there is still a lot of room for improvement. The next episode will be better—more informative, and I promise to work on it together with the whole team. Nevertheless, we stick by the aim & goal of this beauty campaign; which is to boost the confidence of real ladies/gentlemen who need it the most.

Watch the video here:

Beauty Campaign Project produced by: Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals
Filming and Editing: Say Tioco Artillero

Clothes provided by: State of Pink
Stylist: Janelle Manahan

Megumi International Stee Wels (steel & jewels)
Designed by Megumi

List of products used:
Krave Minerale Liquid Foundation in Ricotta
Krave Minerale Complexion Perfection in Hazelnut (Loose Mineral Foundation)
Pretty Young Thin Contouring Powder
Krave Minerale Blush Krush with Kosher Rice Powder in Peach Sorbet
Krave Mineral Eyeshadows (Vanilla Cake, Matte Mocha)
Krave Mineral Lip Shimmer in Chili Red

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What the Beauty Campaign is all about:

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