Monday, April 16, 2012

Discovering Your Own Beauty MARCH & APRIL Chosen Models

Hi everyone!

If you noticed, we were not able to do our episode for the beauty campaign for the past month; the reason being having conflicts with our [Trina, Janelle, and myself] schedules. March was definitely a busy month! But now that we finally found time, I am here to announce the March and April models.

NOTE: If you’re wondering what this beauty campaign is all about and how you can join, read this:

Here are our chosen models for the month of March and April:

MARCH MODEL: Mariel Parco (

APRIL MODEL: June Acedo (


Please wait for a confirmation e-mail and instructions about the upcoming shoot. We are happy to announce that Janelle Manahan of State of Pink will already be present and working with us in the succeeding shoots! Exciting, isn’t it?

Again, if you want to participate in this beauty campaign, just read this blog entry!

Beauty campaign produced & sponsored by Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals

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  1. i hope i'll be chosen as well i already sent in my entry