Sunday, April 6, 2014

Batch 16 Personal Basic Makeup Workshop (Makati City)


Hi everyone!

Last April 5, Batch 16 of the Personal Basic Makeup Workshop happened :) I met another batch of beautiful ladies and we all had a super fun makeup session!


Everyone got the chance to try out makeup products that I highly recommend and personally love!


I also brought over a few stocks of my very own SAY Eye Lash Curler for those who might be interested to buy! The Pretty in Pink shade is SOLD OUT! (Thank you everyone!)


The early birds! On each seat you can see that each participant has her own mirror, brush set and makeup palette to work with. The brushes and makeup palette come in FREE with the makeup workshop fee. :) Everyone also got the chance to try out KRYOLAN products for the foundation and lips (and let me tell you, they all went gaga over them!) Kryolan products are expensive and high quality, and I believe that all the participants of my makeup workshop DESERVE to try high quality brands like it!


First part of the class is the lecture, we basically talk about the different aspects of makeup application which will then be applied/practiced in the demo session.


Each student get their own brown envelope containing their certificate of attendance, and a 4-page handout for guidelines about makeup application!


The demo part is where everyone gets to apply what we discussed during the lecture.


I go from table to table, guiding each and every one of them on how to properly apply foundation, concealer, powder, blush, contouring powder, highlighting powder…etc.


The owner of Tessa’s Cupcakes surprised us and brought over yummy sweets for everyone!


At the end part of the workshop, everyone got to “TRY-BEFORE-YOU-BUY” the Say Lash Curlers and I love that all of them gave positive feedback!


THANK YOU SO MUCH BATCH 16! I hope you all had fun as much as I did! :)


Next APRIL 2014 Makeup Workshop Schedule:

April 25, 2014 (FRIDAY) 1-4PM at Vera Studios (at the back of Manila Cathedral Church) 


Fee: PHP2,500.00 (included: a FREE set of Makeup Brushes + a FREE makeup palette)

Slots available: (5) slots only

TO RESERVE: Text (full name) (April 25 workshop) to 09179870285


  1. Hi Say! It was nice meeting you yesterday at Vera Studio. I would love to sign up here and learn how to fix myself and my girls. See you! -

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  3. Inggit much! Gusto ko naren mag workshop sayo. Can't wait.