Saturday, April 26, 2014

HAUL (Colored Hair Chalk, Makeup, Bag)

sum haul

I am back with yet another HAUL for you guys! :) Click the video embedded below to watch it live!

I’ve been into reading books lately, and I picked up Get Happy, Get Healthy, and Be Wealthy from the Book Sale for only PHP225.00!

sum haul.Still001

Next, this super affordable SM Department Store tote which was given to me by my sister! PHP199.75.00 (it’s very roomy and sturdy! I’ve been using it eversince I got it!)

sum haul.Still003

I got so intrigued with this Chromastix HairChalk so I decided to give it a try! PHP149.00 (full size) PHP79.00 (refill) Review on this coming up! (Watsons)

sum haul.Still005sum haul.Still004

Then I received repackaged OCC Lip Tars from Lannel Boutique!

sum haul.Still006

New grade = new glasses from The Optical Shop PHP2,000+++

sum haul.Still007

…and new contact lenses too. WITHOUT color/enlargement! PHP2,000+++

sum haul.Still008



  1. A lot of people look up to you. A lot of people think that your opinions about makeup matter. A lot of people think highly of whatever beauty-related crap you say. But guuurl please. You're giving false information to the mass. OCC has never repackaged their lip tars into something that looks like what you got there. Quit giving people fallacious information. It just makes you look like you don't know what you're talking about.

    I'm not hating on you personally. This is just simply about getting the RIGHT information across.

    1. Contradicting to what you said , it seems to me you hate her.. People look up to her because they like her.. Whether she shared the right or wrong information I believe that she said it because that's what she knows, and not because she wants to fool people. So you're the one who needs to shut up and stop making criticisms. If you think that what she's saying are beauty-related craps then why the hell are you watching it and why bother to comment? You're rude you know?

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  3. I love your makeup here Ms. Say :) Anong lippy gamit mo?